What to Expect When Working With PLS

PLS is your go-to source for Tampa parking lot services. Are you in need of concrete or asphalt installation, maintenance, or repair? Perhaps your Tampa parking lot’s surface is no longer even, safe, or visually pleasing. Whether you need a pothole repaired, cracking remedied, or a completely new parking lot, PLS should be your first […]


Reflective Paint Markers in Tampa

An in-depth look at the importance of PLS-installed reflective paint markers for Tampa properties. Reflective paint markers are undoubtedly one of the most overlooked aspects of our surrounding environment. We spot them on public roads, parking lots, private streets, and other spaces but few people pay close attention to them. Though often ignored, reflective paint […]


Why it is Necessary to Have Speed Bumps in Tampa

Speed bumps will keep your Tampa property safe for drivers as well as pedestrians. Speed bumps are used on streets, parking lots, parking garages, and other spaces. Speed bumps slow traffic to allow the safe passage of vehicles as well as pedestrians, bicyclists, and others in the area. They also heighten the driver’s attention so […]


5 Facts About Asphalt Sealcoating

Some interesting yet little-known facts about Tampa asphalt sealcoating When it comes to Tampa asphalt sealcoating, most people have a vague idea as to what it is and why it is important. After all, it is not every day your Tampa property receives an asphalt sealcoating. This service protects asphalt pavement from the harmful effects […]


Why Is Parking Lot Maintenance Necessary?

A Look at Why Parking Lot Maintenance is Essential to the Quality of Your Property Too many business owners and managers in the greater Tampa Bay area neglect their parking lots. Many view parking lots as places where people spend little time so the quality is not of the utmost importance. The truth is the […]

Sealcoating Your Parking Lot Will Increase Its Lifespan

Looking for a way to increase the lifespan of your parking lot? Sealcoating is the answer. Parking lots face a variety of threats. Everything from the sun’s harsh UV light to rain and other environmental factors can cause damage to your parking lot. Even a gas or oil spill can leave a nasty stain on […]


Why Petromat Installation is Important in Tampa, Florida

Petromat Installation is the Solution to Your Pavement Woes Plenty of Tampa Bay property owners are unaware of the fact that their pavement gradually deteriorates due to moisture exposure. This weakening induced by water has the potential to cause significant damage to your Tampa Bay property. It can wreak havoc on the surface your clients […]


Why Are Bollards Important in Tampa, Florida?

Bollards Provide the Protection Every Tampa Business Needs Most people see bollards and wonder what those rigid posts are and why they are in place outside buildings. These short posts positioned along the exterior of Tampa buildings are protective and decorative bollards. They are typically positioned near traffic lanes to prevent wayward vehicles from damaging […]