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3 Facts About Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa

Parking lot maintenance is more important than most property owners assume.
Tampa parking lot maintenance is necessary for businesses of all types for reasons beyond aesthetic appeal.

Every Parking Lot Needs a Regular Check-up

Preventative maintenance is necessary to extend the pavement’s useful life. A parking lot that lasts long will ultimately save you money. Furthermore, a regular evaluation of your parking lot will provide an opportunity to pinpoint those minor issues before they unravel into expensive projects that take even more time to get right.
So do not assume parking lots are good to go for decades following their installation. Perform routine checks of your lot for holes, cracks, standing water, and other potential threats to get the most out of the investment you made in your parking lot. Have these issues tended to right away with Tampa parking lot maintenance and you will save that much more money across posterity.

Have a Professional Sealcoating Performed

Parking lots should be sealcoated every two years. Though it is certainly possible to move on without a sealcoating, your property will pay the price in the long run. Sealcoating is important for slowing the rate at which the pavement breaks down. This protective layer stops moisture, debris, oxygen, the sun’s powerful UV rays and additional elements from moving on down beneath the surface.
Let our Tampa parking lot maintenance professionals perform your sealcoating and you will rest easy knowing your property will prove reliable in the years to come. Just as important is the fact that our professional sealcoating brings out the best in your asphalt in terms of beauty. Your customers will love the look of your lot following this important form of Tampa parking lot maintenance.

Make way for the Water

Every parking lot should have clear basins and proper drainage. Otherwise, water will become a major problem. Most people are a bit surprised to learn water is the primary cause of pavement failure. If water moves through the pavement, it will lead to the breakdown of the base course, spurring all sorts of issues from potholes to cracks and other surface problems. This is precisely why the design of your parking lot and its basins are so important. If your parking lot’s drainage is a problem in any way, let our Tampa parking lot maintenance team get to work to ensure this important space drains as efficiently as possible.
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