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7 Reasons to Apply Asphalt Coating to Your Commercial Parking Lot

Asphalt coating is important for every parking lot.

If you’re like other business owners, you take great pride in all aspects of your commercial property. This pride definitely extends to the appearance and functionality of your parking lot, which is why asphalt sealcoating is a common maintenance procedure for parking lots.

The use of asphalt sealcoating is a low-cost, effective way to improve your commercial property and make it more appealing to visitors. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this is a good choice for your business.

Fills In Any Small Cracks

It’s inevitable that your parking lot will develop cracks because of the sun and weather elements, especially in areas with severe weather changes. These are quite unsightly and can give a bad impression to visitors and employees. Sealcoating will fill in small cracks that have developed in the asphalt, which will not only protect the parking lot from additional damage but will also improve its overall appearance.

Prevent Water Intrusion

The asphalt used in the construction of parking lots is extremely durable, but it can become susceptible to water and other liquids. This is because when liquids seep into small cracks throughout the parking lot, these cracks tend to grow larger and the asphalt begins to deteriorate underneath. Asphalt sealcoating creates a protective barrier around the asphalt that will shield it from water and other liquids such as oil and gas.

Slows Down Deterioration

It’s a simple fact that asphalt is going to deteriorate over time because of the effects of elements such as the sun, liquids, weather, and oxidation. Although it’s not possible to stop this deterioration entirely, the barrier we referred to above that’s created by sealcoating will slow this down. By repelling these elements, you’ll be able to wait much longer before being forced to replace the parking lot’s asphalt.

Doubles the Surface Life

How much longer will your parking lot last with the use of asphalt coating? In most cases, a sealcoating application can double the asphalt’s lifespan. Not only is this more convenient because you don’t have to stress over the appearance of your parking lot, but the extra time involved means that you won’t have to spend money on a full replacement nearly as soon. It also means that you won’t need to interrupt your business as often to manage repairs or replacement.

Revitalize Its Appearance

Given the fact that we utilize parking lots on a regular basis and see them more as a necessity than an extension of the business itself, it’s easy to forget their importance. Once you see a parking lot in disarray or is rough to drive on, you’ll appreciate the ones that are in good shape. Sealcoating revitalizes the appearance and functionality of the asphalt, which will serve as a good reflection of how you conduct business, even if only subconsciously.

Surface Is Easier to Clean

Sealcoating makes it easier to clean the asphalt in your parking lot in two ways. First, it provides a smoother exterior that makes sweeping away dirt and debris a much smoother task. Second, any liquids that are spilled won’t be able to seep in, which means that they can be more easily wiped away and won’t lead to ugly stains.

Provides Skid Resistance

As the asphalt in your parking lot ages, the first things to wear away are the tiny, sand-like particles contained within it. This decreases the amount of traction and, in effect, increases the likelihood of skidding and other control issues. Sealcoating replenishes these particles so that this problem is severely diminished.

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