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Asphalt Patching Techniques

4 of the Most Common Asphalt Patching Techniques

Asphalt can eventually break down over time due to heavy traffic or extreme weather conditions. However, an asphalt patching and repair company can quickly repair potholes and prevent your parking lot from further decline. An asphalt paving company understands the best asphalt patching techniques that will revitalize the appearance of your parking lot while also creating a much safer environment for your clients and employees.

Here are four of the most common asphalt patching techniques from a company that specializes in a variety of parking lot services in Tampa.

#1 Throw & Roll Repair

A throw and roll repair is one of the most common asphalt patching techniques in the industry. The throw and roll repair is a temporary solution that uses liquid asphalt to be poured inside a pothole. The pothole is sealed and rolled over once it is filled with the liquid asphalt. Typically, this repair is used for emergencies and is only a short-term solution for repairing a pothole.

#2 Semi-Permanent Asphalt Patching Techniques

A longer-lasting solution is the semi-permanent pothole repair method. This solution quickly restores damaged asphalt and is designed to last longer than a throw and roll repair. The semi-permanent pothole repair removes water and debris inside and around the pothole. The next step is to cut around the pothole and pour patching materials inside and then use a roller to compact the material.

#3 Spray Injection

A spray injection is another option for patching asphalt. The spray injection uses specialized equipment to remove water and debris from inside the pothole. A high-pressure injection pours asphalt and aggregate into the hole. One of the main benefits of a spray injection is that it doesn’t require compaction, which makes it one of the more popular asphalt patching techniques.

#4 Full-Depth Patching

Full-depth patching is the best option for permanently repairing asphalt pavement. Full-depth patching is more complex than the other repair methods, as it requires an excavation that includes a four-inch depth minimum that is at least one foot around the pothole. A tack coat is also applied before the asphalt mix is poured inside the pothole. A backfill is then applied to the area for the proper bonding of the materials. Full-depth patching is the best option if you are looking for a long-term solution.

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