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Asphalt Pavement Cracks

Asphalt pavement cracks must be repaired in a timely and precise manner to prevent gradual degradation, unsafe conditions, and personal injury lawsuits.
Asphalt is preferred by business owners and everyday people across the globe for its strength and durability. Like every other surface, asphalt is prone to damage from the elements and other forces. Take a close look at your asphalt pavement and you might notice the cracks do not look exactly the same. A wide array of cracks result from different forms of pavement failure.

Asphalt Edge Cracking

Edge cracks form along the edge of parking lots and roads and even next to curbs. This type of cracking is caused by lateral support and drainage stability issues. Even rushing the aggregate setting time has the potential to cause asphalt edge cracking. If the asphalt base is weak from the start, these elements will cause that much more damage.
Crack filling is the best way to address asphalt edge cracking. The process starts with a clearing of debris and overgrowth positioned along the asphalt pavement’s edge. Crack filling is then performed with the addition of asphalt sealant to fill cracks. Improving the parking lot drainage will also help prevent cracking.

Alligator Cracking

Also known as fatigue cracking, alligator cracks are one of the more common varieties of asphalt cracking. These cracks look like alligator skin scales. A faulty drainage system, insufficient foundation materials, and rough weather cause such cracking. Full-depth patching is the best approach to correcting such cracks.

Transverse Cracking

Transverse cracks are perpendicular cracks that form when the pavement is overused or temperatures dip down low. Parking lots that receive a considerable amount of traffic are likely to show transverse cracking. The heavy-weight of automobiles moving across the pavement expands transverse cracking.

Reflective Cracking

Reflective cracking is a sign there is an even worse problem looming beneath the surface. Such cracks move from the foundation to the uppermost layer. Crack filling services will take care of reflective cracking as well as most other types of cracking.

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