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How to Save Money in your Asphalt Repair Budget

There are steps you can take to save money in your asphalt repair budget.

Parking lots are major investments that have the potential to become money pits if not properly maintained. However, few paving contractors are willing to show customers how to save money on parking lot maintenance, repairs, and other projects. Follow these tips and you may just be able to save money in your asphalt repair budget.

Address Oil Spots ASAP

Parking lots mired with oil spots are unsightly to customers, employees, potential business partners, and other visitors. Oil spots are also problematic in that they break asphalt apart. These spots begin as diminutive stains that seem fairly harmless. The stains gradually expand to the point they become sizable circles that collect gunk. Neglect oil spots for an extended period of time and they will unravel the asphalt to the point that potholes form.

An oil spot primer should be applied as soon as the spot appears. This primer can be used on all types of asphalt surfaces, whether they are at airports, office building lots, or elsewhere. Primers seal gas, oil, and grease spots along the pavement to stop oil from moving on through the newly-added pavement sealer.

Multiple Coats of Seal

Most sealcoating manufacturers advise customers to use two coats of sealer. A double coat of seal really will last longer than one coat. Sealcoating enhances the look of the asphalt and also keeps oil within asphalt so it proves flexible. Flexible asphalt will resist cracking better than rigid asphalt.

Add Concrete Swales and Flow Lines

Water is a direct threat to the structural integrity of your parking lot. A flow line or concrete swale should be added to send water off the asphalt and away from your property. Otherwise, water will pool on your asphalt and gradually destroy it. Have a concrete swale installed and it will redirect water to the city street until it reaches a storm drain. Though the installation of such a swale is an expense, the improved drainage has the potential to extend the parking lot’s life for several years and help you save money in future asphalt repair budgets.

Sealcoat Your Parking Lot Every Two Years

Have your lot sealcoated once every two years and it will retain its aesthetic appeal and last upwards of two times as long as anticipated. Wait more than two years and you run the risk of everything from the sun’s rays to oil spills compromising your lot. Opt for a sealcoating every couple years and you will spend significantly less in your asphalt repair budget on parking lot repair and replacement.

Seal Cracks Right Away

It is awfully easy to overlook a crack or simply forget about it after driving away from your parking lot. Asphalt cracks permit water to move down beneath the asphalt and attack the base the paving rests on. The parking lot will endure significant damage as the base erodes. Be proactive and have the asphalt experts repair cracks as soon as they form. Neglect cracks in your asphalt parking lot and they will eventually grow to the point that filling or sealing proves impossible.

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