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What are the Long-Term Benefits of Parking Lot Resurfacing?

Long-term benefits for resurfacing parking lots

Asphalt paving is highly preferred since the material is sustainable and environmentally friendly. A well-maintained asphalt parking lot is aesthetically appealing and shows your customers and visitors that you care about their safety. But just like nothing lasts forever, your parking lot depreciates over time, and you have to decide whether to repair or replace it. It’s essential to contact a professional paving company if you are not sure whether you need a parking lot resurfacing or repaving.

Signs that You Need Parking Lot Resurfacing

Regular parking lot maintenance, such as seal coating prolongs the lifespan of your driveway by protecting it from UV rays, automobile fluids, and precipitation. It also gives your parking lot a fresh and dark look as if freshly paved.

With time, however, the driveway depreciates, and seal coating no longer works. When that happens, you should consider parking lot resurfacing. The process involves the removal of the topmost asphalt layer on cracked and potholed parts and replacing it with fresh asphalt. Resurfacing should be done if your foundation is still strong, and at least 75% of the driveway still intact. You can tell that your parking lot requires asphalt resurfacing if you note any of the following signs:

  • Potholes- these occur due to rapid contraction and expansion of asphalt cracks or if the soil underneath the parking lot shifts. Potholes pose a hazard to anyone walking in the parking lot and can also damage the car’s suspension and alignment, rim, and tires if you drive through them.
  • Cracks- they occur due to asphalt exposure to sunlight and moisture. If you ignore them, they grow deeper and wider, making your driveway unappealing and uneven. Uneven surfaces on your parking lot are a slip and fall hazard to anyone using your parking lot.
  • Faded lines- prolonged exposure to the weather elements result in faded markings on your parking lot. During parking lot resurfacing, the contractor updates the stripes with fresh color, hence, eliminating the confusion that might occur.
  • Birdbaths- slow spots are likely to develop if the substrate underneath the parking lot is uneven. As a result, small birdbaths may develop on the surface, causing water to seep through the asphalt. As the air cools at night, the water inside the pavement expands, leading to cracking.

Repaving, on the other hand, involves complete removal of the old pavement and foundation and laying fresh asphalt. Although asphalt paving has a long-life period, it requires repaving after at least 20 years to improve the overall curb appeal of your driveway.

Long Term Benefits of Parking Lot Resurfacing

A well-maintained parking lot minimizes accidents and unnecessary liabilities as well as promoting the professional outlook of your property. Resurfacing your parking lot as part of routine maintenance has the following long-term benefits:

Enhances Safety

As a property owner, you have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles accessing your driveway. During resurfacing, the markings on your driveway are updated using thermal stripping to make them visible to anyone using the parking lot. Stripping involves marking all parking spaces, designating parking spaces for the disabled, and adding directional markers. It also includes potholes and cracks repair, hence preventing drivers from swerving as they try to avoid them.

Improves Professional and Aesthetic Appeal

Your parking lot is the first thing that people see when they visit your business, hence the need to create a great first impression. Resurfacing your parking lot improves the overall appearance, indicating to your customers and business partners that you can be trusted. It also gives pride to your employees and tenants.

Increases Durability

Performing parking lot resurfacing regularly prolongs the life of your driveway and eliminates the need for repaving, hence saving you money.

Seek Professional Parking Lot Maintenance Services

There you have it, the long term benefits of parking lot resurfacing. To increase the longevity of your asphalt driveway, consider working with a professional parking lot company.

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