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The Best Pavement Crack Filling Services in Tampa

The Asphalt Crack Filling Services You’ve Been Searching For

Why Cracks Occur

Like everything else, asphalt pavement eventually requires some form of maintenance. Let’s take a look at why cracks occur, the importance of pavement crack filling services and answer some frequently asked questions.

Cracks form as the http://www.plsofflorida.com/pavement-crack-filling-services-tampa-florida/ground moves and asphalt gets older. Most cracks are either zig-zags or fairly straight. Some resemble alligator skin as they are comprised of a series of small cracks. These alligator cracks require additional attention and work for a proper filling. Unlike traditional gaps, alligatored spaces do not require sealant. Rather, sealcoating it is made to seal the surface and safeguard it against the sun’s harsh rays, oils, salts and other threats. Sealcoating lacks the adhesion quality required to successfully fill a crack without re-cracking occurring at some point down the line. This is why we use asphalt crack filler and specialized equipment to fill those cracks correctly on the first try.


The Importance of Pavement Crack Filling Services

If you notice cracks in your Tampa pavement, do not shrug them off as a natural occurrence that you can’t do anything about. Reach out to our pavement crack filling experts for maintenance. Our crack filling services are surprisingly affordable and stand the test of time. We will do everything we can to prevent water from moving below the pavement and threatening its structure. This is the important preventative maintenance your Tampa property requires to keep the base stable. If water moves down below and forces instability, it can spur the creation of cracks and possibly lead to complete pavement failure.

It is recommended that a prompt filling of pavement cracks to ward off those nasty potholes. If water exposure, heavy traffic over uneven spaces or neglected cracks allow potholes to form, your property will pose a danger to vehicles and pedestrians. Potholes are also nasty eyesores that make your property look unsightly.

It is also possible for vegetation to grow in cracks. This is a gradual process at first but it speeds up quite quickly once the roots are in place. It is even possible for plant roots to push the pavement upward and generate additional damage to your Tampa property. Such upward movement will break the surface of the pavement and produce a string of other problems.

So, don’t delay the filling of your Tampa property’s cracks. If you have any doubt as to whether the formation of a line or other development on your Tampa property is a crack, reach out to experts for a thorough analysis.


Tampa Crack Filling Done Right

Pavement crack filling services are here to reinforce compromised asphalt pavement throughout the greater Tampa area. Hot rubberized sealant is applied to asphalt cracks to fill the gaps and prevent water from moving down below. This way, moisture won’t reach the interior of the pavement and move on down to the sub-grade and stone base.


Help from Tampa’s Crack Filling Experts

Contact our team right away if you notice cracks on your property. We’ll use our asphalt crack filler application to fill your property’s cracks and prevent further damage. In most instances, a yearly crack filling will suffice. However, some properties require crack filling every six months or so. The cool-down period is fairly short so don’t worry about your property being inaccessible for an extended period of time. Let professionals beautify your Tampa property and enhance its lifespan with our crack filling services.