Winter can be hard on your asphalt pavement in Tampa

What To Expect From Asphalt During the Winter

For some, winter brings much-needed cool temperatures, overcast skies, and an opportunity to spend more time indoors with loved ones. For all the good that winter provides, this season also brings a series of problems for asphalt pavement in Tampa. If you neglect your asphalt pavement, there is a chance you will be flabbergasted by […]

commercial asphalt paving in tampa

Facts About Commercial Asphalt Paving in Tampa

When it comes to commercial asphalt paving in Tampa, some business owners are understandably unaware of the basics of the industry. If you own any sort of commercial property in the greater Tampa Bay area, you can benefit from understanding the basics of asphalt paving and maintenance. Inspect the Integrity and Safety of Your Parking […]


Suggestions for Effective Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa

Follow these tips for truly effective parking lot maintenance in Tampa. Parking lot maintenance in Tampa is more than simply pushing a broom across a surface. Parking lot maintenance includes everything from analyzing surfaces to the aforementioned sweeping, resurfacing the pavement, and correcting cracks and potholes. If the maintenance and repairs are completed in a […]


How to Improve Asphalt Paving in Tampa

Details about how the best asphalt paving in Tampa is done. Careful planning and a considerable amount of effort are invested in successful asphalt paving in Tampa. Every little detail matters, from the set up of the paver to mat temperature, the details of the rolling pattern and beyond. Asphalt paving in Tampa really is […]


Why You Should Choose Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa

These are the top four reasons to have your Tampa property seal coated. Asphalt sealcoating in Tampa is an essential form of maintenance for parking lots and other asphalt surfaces. Do not fall into the temptation of skipping asphalt sealcoating just to save money. The temporary savings will eventually lead to long-term problems that cost […]


What is a Petromat Installation?

An in-depth look at the purpose of petromat and the manner in which it is added to Tampa properties. Most people have heard of petromat in passing yet do not fully understand what it is. Petromat is a fabric similar to felt that bolsters and reinforces the base of pavement prior to the addition of […]