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Repair Cracks and Potholes in Preparation for Holiday Traffic

With the holiday season here, now is the time to repair small cracks in your parking lot. Have you recently noticed that your parking lot is starting to have issues with potholes and hairline cracks? If so, it’s highly recommended that you repair the wear and tear that’s affecting your parking lot and other road […]


Will Sealcoating a Parking Lot Increase Your Property’s Value?

How will sealcoating your parking lot increase your property’s overall value? If you’re looking for ways to boost property value, sealcoating your parking lot is an excellent option. This fairly low-cost maintenance task can result in extra money when you sell your property. There are several reasons why sealing a parking lot will enhance the […]


How Long Should You Wait to Sealcoat New Asphalt?

When should new asphalt be sealcoated? If you’ve recently installed a new asphalt parking lot, you may be wondering, “How long should you wait to sealcoat new asphalt?” Sealcoating protects the surface of asphalt, its sublayers, and its foundation. It extends the life of your parking lot by protecting it from water, oil, the sun, […]


What is the Best Material to Fill Potholes With?

What material should be used to fill potholes? If you want to know “what is the best material to fill potholes?”, the answer depends on what your company’s parking lot is made from. The vast majority of parking lots are made of asphalt. However, there isn’t just one type of material that can be used […]


Why You Should Have Small Potholes Repaired Fast

Find out why you need to schedule asphalt pothole repair to keep this damage from getting worse.   Potholes can often appear in your parking lot. Potholes usually start small but will get much larger over time. Working with a company offering asphalt pothole repair services is a great way to stay proactive by preventing these […]


The Main Environmental Factors Damaging Your Parking Lot

Learn all about the different environmental factors that can result in parking lot damage. Keeping your asphalt parking lot well-maintained isn’t always easy due to the environment. Sometimes these environmental problems are minor, while others are more severe. Taking a proactive approach to preventing parking lot damage is essential to protecting your investment. An experienced […]


What Kind of Damage Can Potholes Cause to Vehicles?

Learn more about pothole damage to vehicles. Driving over potholes in a parking lot is never a fun experience. Pothole damage to a car can be quite extensive due to the different ways it can impact a vehicle. Trying to avoid these potholes can also be a challenge in a poorly maintained asphalt parking lot. […]


What to do if Your Parking Lot Experiences Extensive Damage

Learn a few tips on what you need to do if your parking lot experiences significant damage. Dealing with parking lot damage is a reality for businesses and property owners. Even the most durable parking lots can experience damage over time. Sometimes these damages are fairly minor, while others are much more severe. Reaching out […]


The Dangers of Potholes in Your Parking Lot

Learn all about pothole dangers and why you need to get them repaired as soon as possible. Potholes can often develop in parking lots and cause a variety of issues. These potholes are always an unsightly appearance, but they also create liability risks. Finding out more about all of the different pothole dangers is important […]