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How Does Rain Affect Asphalt in Parking Lots?

Understanding how rain affects asphalt is important in keeping it well-maintained and avoiding long-term damage. An asphalt parking lot will usually last around twenty or even thirty years with proper maintenance. However, rain damage can significantly impact the lifespan of your parking lot. Excessive moisture can impact the structural integrity of your parking lot pavement […]


Sealcoating Weather Conditions: What is the Best Weather to Sealcoat in?

Why sealcoating weather conditions are important to consider before you schedule these services. Parking lot sealcoating is an excellent way to give your asphalt pavement a fresh appearance while also improving its lifespan. Sealcoating gives your asphalt pavement a protective layer from the outside elements, which is essential to parking lot maintenance. It’s often recommended […]


Can You Pave New Asphalt Over Old Asphalt Pavement

Can you put new asphalt over old asphalt is often a common question for business owners? A parking lot will eventually degrade over time due to wear and tear. Scheduling asphalt repair is a great way to extend the lifespan of your parking lot while also improving the curb appeal of your business. However, your […]


How Long Does Sealcoat Take to Dry in Florida?

A few things to remember about sealcoating and how long it takes to dry. Asphalt sealcoating is a great way to increase the lifespan of your parking lot and give it a fresh appearance. Typically, it’s a good idea to apply the sealer to your parking lot every three years for the best results. Contacting […]


What Type of Asphalt is Best for Parking Lots?

How you can know the best type of asphalt to use for your parking lot. Using the right type of asphalt for your business parking lot is essential in protecting your investment while also avoiding problems in the future. Finding the right type of asphalt pavement will keep your parking lot looking great for many […]


Why it’s Important to Have an Asphalt Seal on Your Parking Lot

How an asphalt seal increases the lifespan and improves the visual appeal of your parking lot. Understanding how to keep your parking lot in excellent condition is vital for business owners. Scheduling parking lot sealcoating services is a great way to save yourself a lot of money and boost the curb appeal of your business’ […]


What is Block Cracking and How is it Repaired?

How to identify signs of block cracking and why you need to get it repaired. Block cracking often occurs on asphalt surfaces with minimal use. You can easily identify this problem by noticing multiple cracks that deepen and spread over a specific area. Pavement cracking may only be around a foot in length, or it […]


It’s Time to Begin Planning for Parking Lot Repair Services for 2021

Why now is the perfect time to consider asphalt parking lot repair services. Keeping your parking lot looking great and well-maintained is essential for businesses and commercial property owners. Investing in asphalt parking lot repair services is an excellent way to stay proactive and increase the curb appeal of your business. Asphalt patching and repair […]


When Should You Schedule Services with Asphalt Sealing Companies?

Find out the best time to use asphalt sealing companies for your parking lot. Asphalt sealcoating plays a key role in keeping your parking lot looking great while also extending its lifespan. Understanding the best time to schedule parking lot sealcoating in Tampa is an excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your business. […]


7 Interesting Facts About Asphalt Resurfacing and Repair

Learn more about asphalt resurfacing from PLS! We have all felt the pain of getting all decked up and tripping in the parking lot itself. What is to be blamed? The unkempt parking lot? If yes, then worry no more. We have got your back. We can repair that bothering parking lot for you. You […]