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How Soon Should Parking Lot Cracking Be Repaired Before Sealcoating?

Find out how long you should wait to sealcoat your pavement after crack repair services. Asphalt ​pavement needs continual maintenance to keep it looking great. Scheduling parking lot crack repair services is always a wise decision in repairing any damages before they get worse over time. Working with an asphalt repair company is important in […]


What Repairs Should Be Complete Before Sealcoating a Parking Lot?

Understand why scheduling parking lot repairs before sealcoating services is a necessity for asphalt pavement. Choosing to sealcoat asphalt pavement is a great way to extend its lifespan and enhance its appearance. Hiring professionals for sealcoating services also offers many other benefits. Whether it’s protecting the parking lot against UV rays, preventing water from penetrating […]


5 Parking Lot Paving and Striping Tasks to Have Completed in Early 2022

An overview of the main parking lot paving and striping tasks businesses need to consider for the new year. A parking lot needs continual maintenance and care to keep it looking great for many years. Parking lots are often the first thing visitors will notice about your business. Keeping them well-maintained is an excellent way […]


How are Parking Lot Sealcoating and Striping Related?

Find out how parking lot sealcoating and striping services can play a key role in maintaining your parking lot. An asphalt parking lot is an important investment for businesses and commercial properties. Taking care of your parking lot is essential to reducing wear and tear from vehicle traffic while also boosting its curb appeal. However, […]


Why You Should Begin Planning Parking Lot Paving and Striping for 2022

Learn why scheduling asphalt paving maintenance ahead of time is always a great decision for business owners and property managers. As 2021 nears the end, now is one of the best times for property managers and business owners to begin making plans for parking lot paving and striping for next year. Staying proactive by working […]


10 Signs of Asphalt Oxidation

A few tips on how you can easily recognize the common signs of oxidized asphalt. The process of asphalt oxidation begins once the installation of a parking lot is complete. Asphalt molecules are exposed to oxygen, which creates layers or bonding sites within the asphalt pavement. Over time, this process can cause the asphalt to […]


Parking Lot Sealing: How Often Should Parking Lots Be Sealed?

Understanding the different factors that determine how often you will need to seal your parking lot. Choosing to apply a protective coating of parking lot sealing is essential to maintenance. These professional sealcoating services will help to protect your parking lot from UV rays and the outside elements. Partnering with a company offering parking lot […]


What is the Normal Asphalt Parking Lot Life Span?

A few of the most common factors impacting your asphalt parking lot life span. Asphalt is used across the majority of parking lots and roads throughout the United States. Using asphalt is a great option due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. An asphalt parking lot life span can often range anywhere between 10 to 25 […]


What are 5 Benefits of Sealcoating Your Parking lot

There are many benefits of sealcoating services for all types of parking lots. An asphalt parking lot will eventually deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. One way to limit these damages is to invest in parking lot sealcoating services. The benefits of sealcoating are numerous, whether you desire to extend its lifespan, protect […]


Choosing an Asphalt Mix for Your Parking Lot

A few tips on choosing an asphalt mix for your business’ parking lot. Choosing an asphalt mix for your parking lot is an important decision. Not all types of asphalt are the same, as doing some research in advance is a good idea to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Reaching out to a […]