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How is a Sinkhole Formed in Your Parking Lot?

How do sinkholes form in your parking lot? Sinkholes are a common problem in Florida, making it crucial to pay attention to them if you own an asphalt paving. When this information is likely to make you ask yourself how a sinkhole is formed, you also need to understand what it is. A sinkhole is […]


6 Facts About Asphalt Crack Repair in Tampa

Interesting facts about asphalt crack repair. Routine asphalt care and maintenance help maintain your curb appeal as well as prolong the lifespan of your parking lot. However, as time goes by, your asphalt parking lot may experience distresses that make it lose its aesthetic appeal. One most common asphalt paving distress is cracking, which occurs […]


Repairing Asphalt After High Temperatures and Humidity Cause Damage

Repairing asphalt damage caused by high temperatures. A well-maintained parking lot makes your customers feel secure and comfortable while using your parking space. It also creates a great first impression on new clients and prospects. Adopting a proper maintenance routine and repairs lengthen the lifespan of your parking lot. If you are thinking of repairing […]


The Benefits of Striping Parking Lots

5 Benefits of Striping Parking Lots Choosing to stripe your parking lot offers a variety of benefits for your parking lot. Striping a parking lot and laying new asphalt every two years is highly recommended to maintain an optimal appearance. Investing in parking lot maintenance is a great way to improve the looks of your […]


When Should You Repair Cracks in Your Parking Lot?

3 Reasons Why You Should Repair Cracks in Your Parking Lot Cracks in your parking lot can lead to significant repair costs and long-term damage if you choose not to repair these cracks in a timely manner. Working with a Tampa asphalt paving company is essential in minimizing the damages of cracks in a parking […]


Why You Should Choose Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa

These are the top four reasons to have your Tampa property seal coated. Asphalt sealcoating in Tampa is an essential form of maintenance for parking lots and other asphalt surfaces. Do not fall into the temptation of skipping asphalt sealcoating just to save money. The temporary savings will eventually lead to long-term problems that cost […]


How Does a Parking Lot Benefit from Sealcoating?

Parking lot sealcoating has become essential for businesses and organizations of all types. Asphalt parking lots have the potential to last decades. However, what matters is whether the property owner is willing to proactively take care of the space. If you plan on getting several decades out of your lot, you need to protect it […]


Parking Lot Services: Repairing Cracks in Your Parking Lot

Like any other material, asphalt gradually deteriorates as time progresses. Take a close look at your parking lot and you will likely find it shows signs of wear and tear or even has considerable visible damage. Wait long enough and the wear and tear will lead to major cracking. You might even find puddling water […]


Sealcoating: Why It’s So Important in Tampa, Florida

Sealcoating is essential to the lifespan and serviceability of your Tampa parking lot. Sealcoating is an important yet commonly neglected component of a successful pavement management plan. Sealcoating consists of either a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement combined with inert fillers, emulsifying agents, additives, and water. Pavement sealing is added in narrow coats to […]


What to Expect When Working With PLS

PLS is your go-to source for Tampa parking lot services. Are you in need of concrete or asphalt installation, maintenance, or repair? Perhaps your Tampa parking lot’s surface is no longer even, safe, or visually pleasing. Whether you need a pothole repaired, cracking remedied, or a completely new parking lot, PLS should be your first […]