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Why Are Cracks So Dangerous in Parking Lots?

Find out why parking lot cracks are dangerous for businesses and property owners. Parking lot cracks can occur over time due to wear and tear on your pavement. These cracks often start out small but will eventually get much larger if you don’t make the necessary repairs. Staying proactive by scheduling asphalt parking lot maintenance […]


Florida Parking Lot Striping Regulations Business Owners Need to Know

Learn how your business can always stay in compliance with parking lot striping regulations in Florida. Meeting parking lot striping regulations in Florida is a necessity for business owners. Failure to follow these rules can result in significant fines and damage the reputation of your company. Partnering with an asphalt parking lot company that understands […]


What Type of Asphalt Mix is Used in Your Parking Lot?

The best asphalt mix for commercial parking lots. The type of asphalt mix used in your parking lot pavement is important to know and understand. Knowing what kind of asphalt mix is used in your parking lot will allow you to better understand the repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your parking lot functional. Hiring […]


Patching Concrete: What is the Difference Between Patching and Repairing Concrete?

Understand the key differences between repairing and patching concrete. Cracks can eventually appear on a concrete surface over time. Sometimes these cracks are minor, while others can lead to serious issues. Repairing or patching concrete are great ways to take care of these problems, and it also helps prevent further damage. But which is right […]


How Parking Line Painting Helps Traffic Flow in Parking Lots

Why parking lot striping is important in controlling traffic flow in your parking lot. Parking lot painting is key in directing traffic and maintaining safety in your parking lot. On the other hand, faded parking line painting is a major safety risk for both drivers and pedestrians. Choosing to restripe your parking lot every 18 […]


How to Prevent Potholes in Your Parking Lot

A few simple tips on how you can prevent potholes on your asphalt parking lot. Parking lot potholes are always a nuisance for business owners. Water drainage issues and a lack of parking lot maintenance will often create potholes in an asphalt parking lot. These potholes will eventually get bigger over time, which increases the […]


How to Fix Parking Lot Cracks in Asphalt Parking Lots

Tips to fix parking lot cracks in your asphalt pavement. Asphalt cracking will eventually happen to parking lots over time. The normal wear and tear on asphalt pavement can lead to damages. These cracks will often get worse over time, as it’s important to fix parking lot cracks as soon as possible to limit any […]


How Does Warm Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots in Florida?

How does warm weather affect asphalt pavement in Florida? Dealing with excessive heat during the summer months is a reality for anyone living in Florida. These high temperatures can impact your asphalt pavement in a variety of ways. Staying proactive against the summer heat is important in keeping your parking lot well-maintained and extending its […]


Tips to Maintain Your Asphalt from Asphalt Paving Contractors

Here are a few of the main reasons to use asphalt paving contractors for parking lot maintenance. Your parking lot is one of the first things that customers notice about your business. Keeping your parking lot well-maintained is essential to safety while also making a strong first impression with each client. Scheduling parking lot maintenance […]


Concrete Crack Filler – Common Concrete Crack Issues

How to use concrete crack filler for your sidewalk. Cracks in your concrete sidewalk can happen over time for a variety of reasons. Using concrete crack filler is an excellent way to repair these cracks and keep your sidewalk looking great. However, your sidewalk may need additional work, as reaching out to a company that […]