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Why You Should Choose Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa

These are the top four reasons to have your Tampa property seal coated.

Asphalt sealcoating in Tampa is an essential form of maintenance for parking lots and other asphalt surfaces. Do not fall into the temptation of skipping asphalt sealcoating just to save money. The temporary savings will eventually lead to long-term problems that cost much more than this initial savings.

The reasons to spend on asphalt sealcoating is greatly outweighed the potential savings from bypassing this important form of maintenance. Here’s a quick look at why it makes sense to sealcoat your parking lot.

1. Sealcoating Provides a Barrier to Prevent Drying and Damage From the Sun’s Rays

The sun’s powerful UV rays will eventually damage your parking lot or other asphalt space. The sun is a year-round problem in Tampa so sealcoating parking lots is that much more important. Think of asphalt sealcoating in Tampa as similar to wearing sunscreen. This protective barrier fills voids in the surface of your asphalt, serving as a shield against the sun’s harsh rays.

2. Sealcoating Prevents Harmful Auto Fluids From Seeping Down Into Your Asphalt

Auto fluids are a direct threat to your asphalt as this surface is a petroleum product. Gas, oil, and other fluids from automobiles will inevitably contact the asphalt, soften it, and spur cracks and breaks. Though such spills can be cleaned, there is no way to continuously monitor every portion of your property and clean these fluids in a timely manner. The better approach is asphalt sealcoating in Tampa for year-round protection.

3. Sealcoating Prevents Exorbitantly Expensive Repairs and Replacements

Ask anyone who has foregone a parking lot sealcoating and you will find their asphalt formed potholes and cracks faster than expected. The problem with such asphalt flaws is they are expensive to repair. If the asphalt is compromised beyond the point of repair, an even costlier replacement will be necessary. Asphalt sealcoating is the best way to prevent these expenses, keep your parking lot intact and prolong its life well beyond your initial expectations.

4. Sealcoating Improves Your Parking Lot’s Appearance

Sealcoating is important for reasons beyond functionality and lifespan. Sealcoating protects your parking lot and makes it that much more presentable to prospective customers.

Sealcoating adds a lovely black hue that makes your parking lot look sharp, fresh, and welcoming. This non-porous surface lets rain wash debris, dirt, and other unsavory particles right on off the lot, making this important portion of your property absolutely gorgeous.

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