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How to Choose a Proper Contractor in Tampa Florida

When it comes to selecting a paving contractor, you can never be too careful. The paving contractor’s work will impact your property for years to come. Any mistakes this group makes will taint your property for the foreseeable future. Alternatively, if you ally with a respected and trustworthy paving contractor, you will enjoy the benefits of a flawless paving project that provides utility and aesthetic appeal for years. Here is exactly what you should consider when attempting to figure out which Tampa paving contractor is worth your business.

Do Some Digging

Though you can glean some insight about Tampa paving contractors by asking around, hiring a paving contractor based on a single word-of-mouth referral might backfire. Perform a little bit of research before committing to a paving contractor. Conduct a background and reference check prior to interviewing any paving contractors. Look up reviews posted to the web. Check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if numerous complaints have been lodged against the Tampa paving contractors you are considering.

Ask for References

There is no shame in asking paving contractors for references from former customers as well as current customers. You can even request to view a paving project in-person to get a gauge of the paving contractor’s quality of work, the level of professionalism and general merit. Write down a short list of questions to ask current and former customers. Ask them about their experience with the pavement contractor in question. Find out if they would invite the contractor back for their next paving project.

Look at the Paving Contractor’s Portfolio

It also helps to ask for a portfolio detailing prior projects. The paving contractor should be willing to provide several pictures of previous paving jobs. If the candidate is unwilling to provide such a portfolio and doesn’t have pictures of prior jobs on the company website, move on to the next candidate.

Ask for a Detailed Estimate

You can gain some important insights about a pavement contractor by asking for a written estimate. This estimate should detail the paving project in terms of cost, materials, warranty, schedule and other important information. If the prospect refuses to provide an estimate in writing, move on to the next candidate. If the prospect provides a low estimate that isn’t in the ballpark of what you expected or anywhere near the quotes provided by other pavement contractors, strike that contractor from your list.

Consider the quality of the materials to be used for the job. If the written estimate does not identify the materials to be used, it is cause for concern. Furthermore, an estimate that tacks on extra costs for work that is unnecessary is a major red flag. Do not let a paving contractor pressure you into paying for work that you did not ask for. If you feel as though the contractor is attempting to steer the project in a certain direction, do not provide him with your business.

Sweat the Small Stuff!

Ensure the candidate’s insurance certificate is legitimate and up-to-date. This way, you won’t have any liability if a paving contractor employee is hurt while working on your property. Request a written warranty for the project. If the paving contractor is unwilling to provide any such guarantee, they are not worth your business. It won’t be difficult to find a respectable paving contractor willing to provide a written guarantee for the quality of work. Furthermore, the paving contractor should commit to a timeline for your paving project in Tampa. You should know exactly when the work will commence, the stages of the project, and the completion date.