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Factors About Commercial Asphalt Paving

Parking lots are rarely at the forefront of a business owner’s mind as they are only seen when exiting and entering the property. However, the look and functionality of your parking lot matter a great deal.

Here are some factors explaining why many business owners favor commercial asphalt paving over other options.

Asphalt Stands the Test of Time

Though most people assume asphalt has been used since the mid-19th century, the truth is this material has been used ever since 600 B.C. Nowadays, 90 percent of commercial properties have asphalt parking lots. Part of the reason why asphalt is so popular is the fact that it is an incredibly durable material. Top-notch asphalt laid to perfection will last upwards of three decades or longer and require minimal parking lot repair.

Take proper care of your asphalt and you will have done your part to maximize its useful life. Maintenance is necessary to get the most out of this important part of your property. Though regular maintenance is certainly an investment, in order to keep your parking lot in tip-top shape pales in comparison to what it will cost to repair or replace the entire surface.

Asphalt Does not Damage the Environment

Every Tampa Bay business owner would like to do something to help the environment yet outside of recycling, most are unsure as to how they can help. The installation of an asphalt parking lot benefits our surrounding environment. Asphalt is a green material. Upwards of 99 percent of commercial asphalt paving is eligible for recycling.

Commercial Asphalt Paving is an Excellent Value

Replacing your aged parking lot with asphalt is one of the best ways to reduce costs. Asphalt is affordable and will prove functional across posterity if you are willing to maintain it from time to time.

There is the potential to end up with cheap asphalt from a company that installs it in a rushed or careless manner. Do your research on commercial asphalt paving services before making a commitment. If it appears as though the commercial asphalt paving company you have in mind cuts costs, rushes through jobs, or uses egregiously cheap asphalt, do not do business with them!

PLS has Your Commercial Asphalt Paving Needs Covered

If your parking lot requires asphalt paving, pavement crack filling, repair, sealcoating, striping, or improvements for ADA compliance, reach out to PLS today. You can contact our commercial asphalt paving specialists today at (813) 880-9100.