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How Does PLS Handle Concrete Crack Repair?

An overview of concrete crack repair services from PLS.

Cracks in concrete surfaces can happen over time due to various reasons. Fortunately, you can use several methods for repairing cracks. These repair methods are suitable for repairing different types of cracks in a concrete slab.

Reaching out to a company specializing in making repairs for concrete surfaces is always a great choice to ensure you are well-satisfied with the results. Parking Lot Services (PLS) is one of the leading companies in Tampa providing concrete crack repair for commercial property managers and business owners.

Here is how PLS can perform concrete repair services for different types of cracks.

Routing and Sealing

Routing and sealing cracks is one of the most common methods used for concrete crack repair. Using this technique is great for inactive cracks that don’t involve restoring structural strength. The routing and sealing method uses a joint sealant to enlarge the face of the crack along its exposed area while filling and sealing it.

A variety of sealants can be used for concrete crack fillers, whether it’s epoxies, silicones, polymer mortars, and other materials. This simple procedure can be used for hairline cracks or larger cracks.

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is a popular method to fill cracks with an opening of at least 0.05 mm. However, using epoxy injection will not work if the crack is active or has a large number of cracks. Using a wire brush is important in removing debris.

Standard caulking guns can be used for injecting the epoxy within the crack. Performing an epoxy injection requires skill in filling the width of the crack, as hiring a professional is always recommended. It’s also important to remember that the epoxy resin will eventually lose its strength if it’s exposed to fire or water leaks.

Concrete Stitching

Concrete stitching involves drilling holes on each side of the crack while grouting in U-shaped metal units that span the entire crack. Using the stitching method is effective if the tensile strength needs to be reestablished for major cracks. Using this method is a much easier option than using a caulking gun for epoxy injections or trying to use your own concrete mix for creating a patching material for eliminating air pockets within the concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Repairs for Concrete Cracks

Understanding all of your available options for making repairs is important in keeping your sidewalks and parking lots in great condition. Typically, a concrete patch is used for an inch wide crack, while smaller cracks are often repaired by using a liquid filler. The most popular methods for making repairs to the surrounding concrete include routing and sealing, epoxy injection, and concrete stitching. Working with a local contractor is always important by giving you access to professionals that do this type of repair work every day.

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PLS offers concrete crack repair services for business owners and commercial properties throughout Florida. Our company also specializes in asphalt paving and repair, parking lot striping, sealcoating, and parking lot maintenance in Tampa. Our team takes pride in providing top-quality customer services, whether you have a question about using a concrete resurfacer, patching compounds, or need tips for parking lot maintenance. We are always happy to help and discuss the importance of making repairs to your concrete.

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