Concrete curbing is essential to adequately separate the road from the sidewalk. Though curbing is typically narrow and short, it serves an important purpose. Concrete curbs serve as a rigid barrier that prevents vehicles from contacting pedestrians and reaching front yards. Concrete curbing is also essential to runoff management. Water would flow directly onto the sidewalk if curbs were not present. Curbs guide the water to storm drains to prevent property damage. Business owners across Tampa also install concrete curbing islands in parking lots to protect greenery like trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Tampa Bay Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is important for functionality as well as beauty. Though concrete is not the most visually striking material, its strategic addition really does enhance the aesthetic appeal of landscape design. Such curbing also serves as a highly effective root barrier for seeded grasses and sod. It even helps decrease the time required for trimming and edging. Let our experts install new concrete curbing along the exterior of your property and it will make your Tampa home look that much more appealing.

The Added Value Every Tampa Property Owner is Looking For

We install extruded concrete curbing and borders to enhance property durability and complement landscaping projects. The primary five curbing shapes are as follows: mower, dome, angle, double angle and 6×4. Each is 6” in width at their widest section and 4” in height at their tallest point. The 8” wide peak and 8×4 each achieve a maximum width of 8”. This is the aesthetically pleasing and permanent landscape accent every Tampa Bay property needs.

The Many Benefits of Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbs do not rust, break, decompose or move like steel, plastic, wood and brick, respectively. This is an economical solution that is significantly more durable than conventional lawn edging. It creates a formidable root barrier, can be installed in a continuous manner and does not disturb existing landscaping. An array of concrete curbing design and color options are available. We can add straight curbing lines, curbing that curves or even a custom design to your Tampa property. There is even the possibility for this project to be completed in a single day.

Once your new concrete curbing is added to your property, it will prove that much more visually impressive and valuable. It doesn’t matter if you own a Tampa home, business or other organization. Concrete curbing can be added to every type of property including parking lots.

Differences in Concrete Colors

There are different shades of concrete curbing available to suit the physical characteristics of your unique Tampa property. The color range is determined by the base color of the cement. If you have any question as to which hue is ideal for your unique concrete curbing project, our experts can help. Our goal is for your concrete curbing to complement the look of your Tampa home or business, improve its functionality and ultimately increase the value of your property.

It is worth mentioning that the unique rock, sand, cement and mixing conditions can affect the curbing’s finished color. Such variations are expected in every concrete curbing project. It will take about a month for the water to fully evaporate from the newly installed concrete curbing. Once this moisture is gone, the true color of the curbing will manifest. So, don’t assume the initial blotchy appearance resulting from moisture will last. This aesthetic is temporary. Keep water away from your new curbing for 48 hours, allow 30 days for a full drying so the curb can properly cure and it will look exactly as you envisioned.