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Enhance the Durability of Concrete on Your Commercial Property

How to enhance concrete durability.

Believe it or not, but concrete has been around for just shy of 200 years. It has persevered despite many changes in technology and material used due to its durability, flexibility, and manipulative nature. This has made it instrumental for use with commercial properties for the construction of parking lots, walkways, patios, surrounding walls, and more. No matter its application, it provides a foundation for your place or business.

Despite concrete’s durability, it’s important to remember that the material is not indestructible. Over time, it will succumb to weather conditions, accidents, heavy usage, and other such situations that can cause stains, cracks, dents, and other unsightly types of damage. Let’s discuss how to enhance its durability and the steps taken when a repair is required.

Ongoing Maintenance for Concrete Durability

It’s a simple fact that concrete will degrade over time, which is why it’s important to have a plan for concrete maintenance services. At some point, it’ll be best to obtain professional help, but between services, you can follow these simple tips:

  • Cleaning — While dirt and leaves may simply be unattractive, weeds and grass will sometimes take root and grow until they cause cracks in the concrete. Either sweep or use a blower on the surface once per week to keep it looking great.
  • Remove Stains — Since concrete is porous and can stain easily, you should clean up any spills right away. Grease spills can be cleaned up with the use of kitty litter, followed by light scrubbing with soap and water applied to a soft-bristled brush. Pressure washing is another option and will often give you the best results.
  • Apply Sealer — The use of a sealer will keep the concrete in good shape. This should be applied every few years following a deep clean. The best time to do this is during warmer weather because it will dry more easily.

Repair Needs to Enhance Concrete Durability

Try as you might, but concrete will eventually succumb to damage caused by inclement weather, accidents, heat from the sun, and other such reasons. Severe concrete repair and other concrete services should be conducted by a professional, but the first few of these are often DIY methods:


  • Small Cracks — If your concrete gets small cracks in it, you can fix this with either caulking or an injection, both of which can be picked up at your local hardware store.
  • Large cracks — These can also be filled in, but you’ll use a concrete patch kit instead, with the mixture evenly spread over the crack using a putty knife.
  • Chips and Dents — As long as the chips or dents aren’t too big, you can use caulking to fill them in as a way to even out the area and keep out dirt and debris, which can further damage the concrete.
  • Color Stains — Repaired cracks will stand out, so you could always color stain the entire area to cover up the repair and give the spot a unique look.
  • Resurfacing — If the concrete is looking especially dingy or has been patched several times, you can have it resurfaced and it will look new again.
  • Slabjacking — If a slab of concrete has begun to sink, hire a professional to jack it up, and put soil beneath it so that it’s level again.

Contact Parking Lot Services to Enhance Your Concrete Durability

When a little effort of your own and knowing when it’s time to call a professional, you can enhance concrete durability and keep it looking great for a long period of time. Parking Lot Services in Tampa has a team of experts that deal with concrete curbing, concrete repair, asphalt paving, asphalt patching and repair, and all related services. We also handle ADA compliance with every project. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate, call (813) 563-6189 to schedule a no-cost consultation today.