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What Causes Cracks in Asphalt Parking Lots?

Understanding what causes cracks in asphalt is important in keeping your parking lot well-maintained.

Cracks in asphalt pavement can occur for many different reasons. Small cracks in your asphalt can often get bigger over time if you don’t take the time to repair them. Contacting a company that offers asphalt repair in Tampa is always a great option to ensure the job is done right, whether you need patch material or crack filler. These professionals will review your entire parking lot and develop a plan to repair all types of cracks and extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.

Here are a few of the most common causes of cracks in asphalt parking lots.

Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracking happens once the asphalt pavement fails due to fatigue over an extended period of time. Many times alligatored areas occur in heavy traffic loading areas within a parking lot. These interconnected cracks are a major liability while also drastically decreasing the curb appeal of your business. Reaching out to a company that offers asphalt patching and repair is essential to help determine the best way to repair these damages.

Block Cracks

Block cracking can often occur anywhere in a parking lot due to temperature changes and shrinkage. Instead of breaking into small pieces, block cracking is often divided into large interconnected rectangular areas of pavement that’s over one foot in length. These large cracks are always an unsightly appearance on an asphalt parking lot.

Longitudinal Cracks

Longitudinal cracks run parallel to the centerline of the pavement. These cracks develop within the pavement instead of on the bottom or surface. Longitudinal cracks often happen in colder regions prone to permafrost.

One of the best ways to repair these damages is to pour crack filling into longitudinal cracks. Filling cracks will extend the lifespan of your parking lot while also saving your company money over the long-term.

Reflection Cracks

Reflection cracking in a parking lot often happens once the pavement underneath the overlay begins to move. These cracks in asphalt will look similar to the damages on the base structure. Reflection cracks can occur due to many reasons, such as heavy traffic, changes in temperatures, and movements within the earth.

Slippage Cracks

Slippage cracks can happen if the bond between the surface layer of the pavement and the course beneath is not secure. Oil, dirt, and dust can often weaken the bond to cause crescent-shaped cracks to appear throughout your parking lot.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks happen once longitudinal cracks emerge within two feet of the outer edge of the parking lot. These edge cracks often occur due to a lack of support. These cracks can get worse over time if you don’t make any repairs. Reaching out to a local company that offers parking lot maintenance in Tampa is always a great decision to keep these damages to a minimum.

Transverse Cracks

Transverse cracks are the exact opposite of longitudinal cracks, as they run perpendicular to the center of the pavement. These damages aren’t load-related but can occur due to asphalt layer shrinkage. Reflection from existing cracks within a pavement can also cause these damages. An asphalt repair contractor can help you determine the best way to repair these cracks.

Shrinkage Cracks

A lack of traffic in a parking lot can also accelerate the cracking process. Volume changes in the asphalt mix often result in shrinkage cracks, which connect block patterns that form distinct corners and angles. Reaching out to a company offering pavement crack filling is also a smart choice to repair these damages before they get worse over time.

Why You Need Professionals for Asphalt Crack Repair Services

Cracks in your asphalt pavement can often appear over time due to a variety of reasons. Larger cracks will often happen if you fail to take care of these repairs in a timely manner. Contacting a local company offering asphalt paving and repair services is always a good idea to ensure the job is done right without any shortcuts.

Professionals use the latest equipment in the industry to ensure your parking lot will look great for many years. Applied cracked filling is much less expensive than replacing an entire parking lot, and it can often dramatically improve the appearance of your pavement.

Contact PLS to Learn More Ways to Repair Cracks in Asphalt Pavement

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