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Details to Know Before Hiring Paving Contractors

Get all the information you can before committing to a paving contractor.

Hiring a Tampa parking lot contractor is quite the important decision. If you hire the right paving team for your Tampa property, your lot will be treated with care and you will enjoy results that last. Alternatively, if you ally with the wrong paving contractor, you will likely end up spending on an abundance of repairs, maintenance, and subsequent replacement sooner than should be necessary. Do not take this decision lightly. Devote the time and energy necessary to perform research and conduct a background check so you can make a truly well-informed decision for your parking lot project.

Ask for Proof of Legitimacy From Tampa Parking Lot Contractors

Contractors worth their keep are willing to provide proof of merit. Ask for references from past and current clients. Request the candidate provide current insurance certificates, a written warranty, a portfolio showing prior work completed, and a lien release after the completion of the project. It will also help to ask for pictures of previous job sites or even their addresses so you can check out the parking lot contractor’s work in person.

Ask Questions of Tampa Parking Lot Contractors

Reputable contractors are willing to answer questions and address concerns of all types. It is up to you to ask the right questions to uncover important insights and ultimately choose the paving contractor best for your business. Think carefully when crafting your list of questions. These inquiries will help you determine if the contractor is the proper fit for your facility.

Ask questions about the terminology used when discussing the project. You deserve to know exactly what the paving team is discussing. The response to your question should be positive in nature, detailed, and informative. If a paving contractor’s bid is particularly low or high, request clarification for the pricing of the services. Ask the contractor about similar projects completed in the past. Find out if the paving contractor offers any type of guarantees or warranties.

Check out the Contractor’s Website

The paving contractor’s website should have information about the company ranging from its licenses, certifications, memberships, awards, and other forms of recognition to its street address, phone number, founder etc. If the company does not have a website or if there is a website without contact information such as a street address and/or phone number, it is a red flag that you might be dealing with an unqualified contractor.

Attitude Matters

Gauge the paving contracting company’s need and desire for your work during your initial conversations. If they are quick to respond to your questions and concerns, they likely need/desire your business. Alternatively, if you receive short or incomplete answers to your questions, it is advisable to look elsewhere. There is no sense giving your business to a paving contractor that is too busy to answer your questions or address your concerns in-depth.

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