Load bearing drain tops for stormwater are essential to maintaining the integrity of your parking lot. Drain tops are designed to guide excess rain and ground water away from your parking lot, sidewalk, footpaths, and other paved areas. Every Tampa Bay property needs multiple storm drains spaced at the proper locations to ensure prompt and thorough drainage.

PLS is here to install your drain tops and prevent the accumulation of standing water in your parking lot. Proper drainage is essential to maintaining the beauty and functionality of your property.

A dry and functional parking lot will help you retain current customers and attract new customers. Parking lots that lack the proper drainage will require much more frequent parking lot repair and asphalt paving.

Drain Top Functionality

A parking lot with ineffective drain tops or lacking drain tops altogether is unequipped to handle rain, especially in the Tampa area’s notoriously heavy downpours. Insufficient drainage will cause water to puddle and possibly even flood your parking lot.

All Tampa Bay parking lots lacking proper drainage systems and drain tops are vulnerable to rainstorms and subsequent water damage. PLS is here to ensure your property is capable of handling downpours. Let us install new load-bearing drain tops for stormwater at your parking lot or other space and you will have done everything in your power to keep your property as dry as possible when storms roll into the area.

Assess Your Property’s Drainage Systems and Tops

Take a close look at your parking lot’s storm drains. You may spot sinking or deterioration. Each is an indication there is a major problem beneath the surface. It is a mistake to attempt a DIY repair, as this is a project that should be handled by professionals, like the team at PLS.

Our parking lot team will assess your current drain tops, determine if your drainage system is sufficient, and suggest the appropriate improvements. In many cases, the addition of new drain tops makes a meaningful difference in parking lot drainage capabilities. Our professional analysis will also identify areas where water puddles when it rains. Though some small puddles might form on properties with optimal drainage systems due to egregiously heavy downpours, excessive puddling, particularly large puddles and frequent puddling is a sign indicating a serious issue with the parking lot.

Contact PLS to Learn More About Drain Systems and Tops

If you suspect your parking lot’s drain tops or drainage system needs repairs, contact PLS today at (813) 880-9100. We can also help with parking lot repair services and ensure your business adheres to ADA compliance.