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Environmentally Friendly Facts About Asphalt

What makes asphalt an environmentally friendly material.

Asphalt is essential for constructing well-built highways, parking lots, and driveways. While many people are familiar with the durability and the strength of this substance, most do not realize that it is also environmentally friendly. Asphalt pavement requires much fewer energy resources compared to other surfaces, as it is an excellent investment for business owners and commercial property managers. Understanding these environmental facts about asphalt will give you the peace of mind to know that you are not harming the natural eco-system, whether you need asphalt paving or parking lot repair services.

Interested in learning more facts about asphalt patching and repair services? Here are just a few important facts about asphalt paving services and why it is such a fantastic investment for commercial property managers and business owners.

Asphalt is Fully Recyclable

One of the main facts about asphalt is that it is fully recyclable. Asphalt can be used multiple times with minimal loss and is one of the most recycled products in the entire country. Asphalt can also include materials that are difficult to dispose of, such as concrete and waste oil at demolition sites. Ultimately, the recyclability of asphalt makes it one of the most environmentally friendly products that’s used in the pavement industry.

Minimal Repair Work

Another one of the environmentally friendly facts about asphalt is that it requires minimal repair work compared to concrete and other paving surfaces. Instead of investing in expensive repair work, asphalt is a perpetual pavement that only needs the top layer to be maintained, which significantly reduces the costs of repairs and is much more friendly towards the environment.

Minimize Water Runoff

Water runoff is a significant issue for hard paved surfaces. However, you can minimize water runoff by using porous asphalt, as it allows water to easily pass through the surface, while still maintaining a durable structure. The lack of water accumulation reduces the chance of trip hazards, and it is just another one of the many benefits of an asphalt surface.

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