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How Does Warm Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots in Florida?

How does warm weather affect asphalt pavement in Florida?

Dealing with excessive heat during the summer months is a reality for anyone living in Florida. These high temperatures can impact your asphalt pavement in a variety of ways. Staying proactive against the summer heat is important in keeping your parking lot well-maintained and extending its lifespan. A local asphalt contractor can work with you in following a maintenance plan to keep your parking lot looking great at all times of the year.

Here is an overview of how warm weather affect asphalt.

Weakens Pavement

One of the biggest problems of excessive amounts of heat is that it can weaken the pavement of your parking lot. A weakened pavement makes it much easier for water to seep into the foundation of the asphalt and create long-term damages. Staying proactive by scheduling sealcoating services is important in protecting your pavement from the elements. Typically, it’s a good idea to work with an asphalt paving company to sealcoat your pavement every two or three years for the best results.

Faded Lines and Parking Lot Striping

Faded lines in your parking lot is another common issue with warm weather. These faded lines create a safety risk for your employees and customers due to the greater chance of a wreck. UV rays can often cause these lines to fade over time and reduce the curb appeal of your asphalt parking lot. Generally, it’s recommended that you restripe your parking lot every two to three years to ensure the lines are easy to see on the asphalt surface.

Results in Tracking

An extremely hot day during the summer in Florida can soften the surface of the pavement and cause small flecks of asphalt to stick to tires, shoes, and anything else that moves across the surface. Tracking can also happen due to a delay in curing the new surface because of hot and humid conditions. Staying aware of these conditions is important in giving the pavement plenty of time to cure during the summer.

Creates Potholes and Cracks

High temperatures during the summer months will often cause your asphalt to expand and cause cracks. These cracks in your asphalt can get worse over time if you don’t repair them. Reaching out to a contractor specializing in asphalt damage repair services is important in taking care of these problems as soon as possible. A lack of maintenance can often cause the cracks to grow bigger and result in more potholes throughout your parking lot.

Oxidation Process

Oxidation will weaken the asphalt pavement and cause the surface to eventually become brittle. UV radiation creates a chemical reaction that causes the different oils to combine and reduce the amount of binding oils within the asphalt. The oxidation process will eventually result in cracking and raveling of the pavement. Sealcoating your parking lot every few years is the best way to protect your pavement from sun damage.

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