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How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete

Learn simple tips on how to remove any oil stains from concrete.

Oil stains on concrete are always unsightly on commercial property concrete. An oil spill doesn’t only look bad; it can also result in significant damage to your concrete. Understanding how to remove different oil stains from concrete is essential to taking care of this problem as soon as possible.

Fortunately, you can often use a variety of methods for cleaning oil stains from concrete. You can also reach out to a professional if you need additional help removing these stains.

Here are a few different tips on how to easily remove any oil stain on a concrete surface.

Remove the Stain as Soon as Possible

One of the best options for removing a fresh oil stain is to use a rag or paper towel to wipe up the stain. You will just need to cover the area with enough rags and paper towels to absorb the stain. It’s also important to wear protective gloves. Using this simple method can often remove fresh stains, but you will need to try other methods if the stain has been there for a while.

Utilize an Oil Absorbent

Sometimes oil stains can be difficult to remove. Buying an oil absorbent at a hardware store is a great choice for removing any lingering stains. You will need to pour the absorbent on the stain, use a gloved hand to press it down, and wait at least an hour for it to absorb the excess oil.

Once the time is up, you can use a broom or vacuum to clean the area and repeat the process if needed. Kitty litter is also an effective stain remover if you don’t want to buy an oil absorbent.

Cleaning Process

The next step is to pour dish soap or powdered laundry detergent while using a brush to scrub the entire area. If these products aren’t strong enough, you can also use degreaser products, such as Simple Green or Goof Off. You should also plan on using plenty of elbow grease while scrubbing the stain. Using either a stiff nylon brush or a steel brush is recommended to make this task easier.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you are finished scrubbing, it’s time to start rinsing with water. It is critical to direct the water flow toward the closet drain to ensure that these oil leaks do not reach the ground. Staying safe by using protective gear on your skin, eyes, and hands is key to preventing any safety issues. You may even have to repeat this entire process a few times if the oil stain has been there for a long time.

When Should You Call the Professionals?

Using a concrete cleaner or cat litter on your parking lot or garage floor doesn’t always work. You may still notice an oil stain even hours after the application of these products. Contacting experienced professionals is key to taking care of this problem before it causes more damage to your concrete. These professionals understand how to remove different oil stains from concrete, and they also have access to the best tools to complete the job.

What Happens If You Don’t Remove Oil Stains?

Removing an oil stain can be a labor-intensive project. Sometimes businesses don’t take the time to remove oil stains themselves or contact professionals for this task. Unfortunately, the oil will eventually seep into the pores of the concrete by breaking down the sealant and causing a permanent stain. Removing these oil stains as soon as possible is the key to avoiding these problems.

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