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How to Repair Concrete Cracks on Tampa Bay Properties

Learn how to repair concrete cracks on your property with the help of professionals.

Concrete is highly durable, but it can still experience damage. Many times, cracked concrete can be a tripping hazard if these cracks aren’t repaired soon. Reaching out to a concrete crack repair company in Tampa Bay is essential to taking care of these issues before they get worse. These professionals know how to repair concrete cracks and will always use the best repair method.

What Causes Cracks to Form on Properties?

Concrete surfaces are prone to damage as the material expands and contracts due to temperature changes. Poor drainage can also contribute to cracked concrete, as standing water can weaken the material over time. Concrete isn’t the only material susceptible to cracks: asphalt pavement can also crack due to these issues. Staying proactive with maintenance is key to limiting these damages in either a concrete or asphalt parking lot.

Concrete Crack Repair Methods

There are several methods for repairing concrete cracks, but not all are suitable for every situation. A professional concrete repair company in Tampa Bay can assess the damage to concrete slabs and recommend the most appropriate repair method for the damaged concrete.

Here is an overview of how to repair concrete cracks:

1) Inspect the Damage

Before starting the repair process, inspect the concrete surface to identify the extent of the damage. Cracks can be categorized into two main types:

Hairline Cracks

These common types of cracks are small and do not pose a structural risk. However, hairline cracks can let moisture in, which leads to further damage over time.

Structural Cracks

These are wider, deeper cracks that may compromise the structural integrity of the concrete. Structural cracks require immediate attention and need professional assistance.

2) Choose the Right Repair Material

A concrete repair professional will choose the right material to ensure it will last for a long time. For example, a simple concrete sealer can be used for hairline cracks. On the other hand, an epoxy injection is recommended for structural cracks.

3) Clean the Concrete Crack

A professional will remove any loose debris or dust from the crack using a wire brush or a vacuum cleaner. If the crack is damp, a heat gun can be used to dry it completely.

4) Apply the Repair Material

The best option for repairing hairline cracks is to apply a concrete sealer to ensure that the crack is completely filled. The concrete sealer will also need enough time to dry.

A professional can repair structural cracks by using epoxy or polyurethane injections by drilling holes into the crack at a 45-degree angle, spaced about 6 inches apart. Afterward, they will inject the epoxy or polyurethane into the first port until the material starts flowing out of the adjacent port.

A concrete repair contractor will cap the first port, continue injecting the material into the second port, and repeat the process until the entire crack is filled. The injected material will also need enough time to cure within the concrete.

5) Finish the Surface

Once the repair material has cured, it’s time to remove any excess material and finish the surface. Light sanding or scraping is recommended for smaller repairs to create a uniform appearance.

6) Protect the Repair

Applying a concrete sealer or waterproofing membrane to the entire surface is recommended to prevent future cracks. Sealcoating the concrete will help protect the concrete surface from moisture and other environmental factors, and it works similarly to asphalt sealcoating.

DIY Method or Hire a Professional?

Knowing how to repair concrete cracks on your own can be a challenge, and it can be easy to make mistakes trying to repair concrete. Hiring professionals is always the best option if you need to repair cracks or if your pavement requires concrete resurfacing. These experts have the experience to assess the damage and determine the best way to make repairs. A concrete repair company will also make sure the concrete work is completed to the highest standard to ensure it will last for a long time.

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