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Information About Tampa Parking Lot Maintenance

Here are the basics of Tampa parking lot maintenance regardless of its size, age, or condition.

There is a common misconception that all a parking lot has to do is provide drivers with open spaces for parking and clear driving lanes for delivery trucks. The truth is people pay close attention to the look and condition of parking lots. This is precisely why business owners and managers, as well as property supervisors, should be aware of the lot’s condition and the importance of parking lot maintenance.

Inspect the Parking Lot

Take a close look at your parking lot from time to time. Do not lose sight of the fact that this portion of your property begins to deteriorate the moment after installation. From oil and gas deposits to storms, standing water, traffic, the sun’s powerful rays, and beyond, all sorts of stimuli take their toll on this surface.

The useful life of the parking lot will gradually deteriorate unless it is inspected, maintained, and repaired. So give your parking lot a solid walk-through to determine where issues are popping up, whether they are gas spills, cracking, standing water or otherwise. If you notice even the slightest hint of a problem, contact us for Tampa parking lot maintenance. We will seal your parking lot cracks, clear the drains and nip problems in the bud before they become costly projects.

Sealcoating is an Essential Component of Tampa Parking Lot Maintenance

Your entire parking lot should be sealcoated with a professional-grade product at least once every couple of years. A fresh sealcoat will protect this important surface, enhance its aesthetic and prolong its lifespan. You will love the look of your newly-sealcoated parking lot for the entirety of the year ahead. More importantly, your customers will hold your business in high regard when they are greeted by such a lovely space.

Frequent Sweeps

Tampa parking lot maintenance includes clean sweeps. Such cleanings should be performed frequently to eliminate dirt, debris, and other gunk build up over time. If there is an excess of grime, the conditions will be perfect for water to pool and diminish the surface integrity. In fact, this moisture will seep on down to the substrate to spur additional deterioration. Sweeping provides the opportunity to pinpoint new issues that will soon be major problems unless tended to in a timely manner.

Pinpoint and Seal Cracks

Cracks will appear in due time as your property receives more traffic, the weather changes, and moisture exposure occurs. Though diminutive cracks do not spur the need for immediate replacement, they should be filled and sealed. The best option is to seal cracks before water has the opportunity to move on down below, deteriorate the asphalt, and eventually expand when temperatures dip.

Drain Check

Tampa parking lot maintenance would not be complete without an analysis of the drains. Rainwater will not drain as it should if there is a blockage within the system. Blockages have the potential to prove destructive across the long haul unless they are addressed at the outset. The drains must be opened and analyzed as soon as possible so the debris that has accumulated can be completely removed.

Contact PLS for Tampa Parking Lot Maintenance

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