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Tips for Maintaining Asphalt in 2019

If you own or manage a business in Tampa, maintaining your property should be a top priority. Regular maintenance will preserve the quality and longevity of your pavement. Pavement maintenance involves more work than most assume. Though asphalt lots can last quite a while, they will not last indefinitely. Some maintenance and repairs will be required along the way. What matters is whether you are willing to be proactive and do everything in your power to keep your lot in tip-top shape.

Maintaining asphalt starts with following the tips as detailed by asphalt professionals.

Pooling Water is a Clear Indication of a Problem

Water is your pavement’s enemy. If you do not have proper parking lot drainage, water will seep below the surface and expand when cooling. Such expansion leads to a strain of the nearby pavement, spurring damage. Either the drainage system needs to be corrected or the pavement is not level. Regardless of the cause of the pooling water, it must be remedied before your lot is damaged beyond repair. This is arguably the most important aspect of parking lot repair.

Fading Pavement Surface Color is a Red Flag

If enough UV rays from the sun hit your pavement, it will gradually fade. Furthermore, weathering can also cause fading. In fact, some chemicals are corrosive enough that they can wear down the surface and lead to fading. Applying an asphalt sealcoating in Tampa to improve your lot and its appearance will help you make the best impression possible.

Catch Warping Early Enough and It can be Fixed

Trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that are heavy push down on the pavement. Such pressure is more intense when the vehicle is turning. It is even possible for this pressure to cause asphalt to warp. Catch the warping as soon as possible and remedying it will prove quite easy. If there is minimal damage, simple asphalt repair will remedy the problem.

Repair Paving to Prevent Crack Expansion

Cracks will occur in pavement if enough time passes. Cracking is an indication that repairs are necessary. If proper repairs are put off the pavement cracks will expand and shift into ugly alligator cracking that needs to be peeled off so another layer can be applied.

Want More Tips About Maintaining Asphalt? Contact PLS

PLS has many years of experience with maintaining asphalt in Tampa. We also have experience in asphalt paving, repair, and sealcoating. We are committed to maintaining asphalt in the most efficient manner and will provide the highest-quality customer service possible. If you are interested in learning more about asphalt repair in Tampa, reach out to us at (813) 543-6142.