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10 Signs of Asphalt Oxidation

A few tips on how you can easily recognize the common signs of oxidized asphalt.

The process of asphalt oxidation begins once the installation of a parking lot is complete. Asphalt molecules are exposed to oxygen, which creates layers or bonding sites within the asphalt pavement. Over time, this process can cause the asphalt to become more brittle and lead to a variety of issues. Fortunately, you can stay proactive and limit the impact of oxidized asphalt by scheduling sealcoating services every few years. Using an asphalt paving contractor specializing in sealcoating will extend the lifespan of your parking lot while also saving you plenty of money over the long term.

Here are a few of the most common signs of an oxidized asphalt pavement.

1) Fading Color

One of the biggest signs of asphalt oxidation is if you notice your parking lot changing colors. A brand-new asphalt parking lot has a dark black appearance that will eventually fade to gray over an extended period of time. You can slow down this process by sealcoating your parking lot every two or three years.

2) Cracks in Pavement

Another sign of oxidized asphalt is if you see any cracks within your parking lot. These fatigue cracks often occur due to everyday wear and tear on the surface. Cracks decrease the visual appeal of your parking lot, and often get worse over time. Staying proactive by scheduling parking lot maintenance can help you avoid these cracks from getting larger and more difficult to manage and repair.

3) Raveling

Raveling occurs once the asphalt binder breaks down due to the effects of oxidation. Noticing loose gravel, sand, or rocks on the surface of your parking lot is a major sign that the asphalt aggregate is beginning to unravel. Raveling makes it more challenging to walk across your parking lot while also creating tripping hazards for customers.

4) Potholes

Potholes can often appear due to asphalt oxidation. These potholes will only get worse, and they are a major liability for business owners. Potholes can damage vehicles and make it difficult to navigate any parking lot. Scheduling repair work is critical in taking care of these problems as soon as possible.

5) Drainage Issues

Dealing with drainage problems is always a major headache that can decrease the lifespan of your parking lot. The oxidation process breaks down asphalt mixtures, which can cause water to seep into the pavement. Working with a paving contractor is important in resolving these issues before it leads to significant damages.

6) Less Flexibility

Asphalt pavement will eventually have less flexibility because of the impact of oxidation. A lack of flexibility reduces a parking lot’s load-bearing capabilities, which greatly increases the chances of cracks or potholes. Parking lot maintenance is the most effective way to avoid these issues, as these professionals can take care of any problems with your pavement before they become more severe.

7) Unsightly Appearance

Keeping a parking lot looking great and well-maintained is a top priority for businesses and property managers. However, asphalt oxidation will eventually damage the parking lot and make it appear in less-than-ideal conditions. Investing in parking lot maintenance is well worth the price in boosting the curb appeal of your parking lot while making it easier to attract new customers or visitors.

8) Can’t Handle Large Loads

Oxidized asphalt pavement will eventually begin to break down more easily due to heavy traffic loads. Weakness within the base course of the pavement will only further accelerate these damages. Reaching out to an asphalt contractor is essential to avoid further issues.

9) Decrease in Lifespan

The lifespan of asphalt pavement often ranges around twenty years. However, this number can be much lower depending on the type of damages impacting your parking lot, such as asphalt oxidation. Keeping your parking lot well-maintained can help save you money, and it’s always worth the extra effort.

10) Asphalt Failure

Parking lot failure can eventually happen if you don’t notice the signs of asphalt oxidation. Scheduling asphalt maintenance at least twice a year can help you avoid long-term damages while keeping your parking lot in great shape for many years to come.

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