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What to do if Your Parking Lot Experiences Extensive Damage

Learn a few tips on what you need to do if your parking lot experiences significant damage.

Dealing with parking lot damage is a reality for businesses and property owners. Even the most durable parking lots can experience damage over time. Sometimes these damages are fairly minor, while others are much more severe.

Reaching out to a company specializing in asphalt repair services is always recommended in taking care of these problems as soon as possible. Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance can also keep these damages to a minimum while saving you from a lot of stress.

Here are tips to remember on how to handle extensive parking lot damage.


Sinkholes in a parking lot are a major problem that can be difficult to fix. These sinkholes occur due to the erosion of ground material beneath the pavement. Unfortunately, simply patching the asphalt surface of a sinkhole isn’t a long-term solution.

The entire area may need to be replaced before you begin patching anything on the surface. Hiring an experienced asphalt contractor is important in finding the best way to make repairs that will last for a long time.


Asphalt that begins to disintegrate is known as raveling. This problem can happen over time, as raveling causes the surface to become rougher while reducing skid resistance.

You may also notice loose gravel throughout the parking lot. Contacting an asphalt contractor is a great way to take care of this problem. An overlay is often used if you are dealing with this type of parking lot damage.

Sign Damage

Parking lot signs can eventually be damaged due to bad weather conditions. Replacing these signs with brand new ones is essential to staying in compliance with local regulations. A parking lot repair company can easily replace signs to make it easier for visitors to navigate your parking lot. These signs need to be a specific size and at a certain height to ensure you stay in compliance while avoiding costly penalties.

Extensive Cracking

A parking lot can eventually crack over time. These cracks can happen due to several reasons, whether it’s excessive wear and tear, standing water, oil stains, or UV rays.

Repairing small cracks as soon as you can is critical to limiting damages. On the other hand, not repairing cracks can often result in potholes. Choosing to use parking lot sealcoating services every few years will keep your pavement in excellent condition and reduce the chance of cracks.

Large Potholes

Dealing with large potholes is an all too common problem in many parking lots. These potholes are a major liability risk due to the likelihood of causing damage to vehicles. Potholes are also a tripping hazard for your visitors, as no one wants to deal with the stress of exchanging insurance information or contacting insurance companies due to an incident.

Reaching out to a company offering repairs for parking lot damage is key to taking care of these issues as soon as possible. Repairing potholes now will prevent them from getting bigger and will save you money in the future.


Ruts are indentations within the pavement caused by heavy traffic. The cause of rutting can happen due to weak asphalt mixes, insufficient pavement thickness, lack of compaction during installation, or moisture infiltration. A parking lot that experiences heavy traffic will only cause rutting to get worse over time. Minor indentations can easily be filled and overlaid, while more severe ruts need to be removed and replaced.


Depressions within a pavement are also known as “birdbaths.” These depressions are easy to recognize after they fill with rainwater from a storm.

A less severe depression in the pavement can easily be repaired by a thin surface patch. However, more severe depression can only be repaired by removing and replacing the asphalt. An experienced asphalt contractor can determine the best option for making repairs.

Water Damage and Drainage Issues

Keeping your parking lot free from standing water is critical to avoiding long-term damage. Making sure your parking lot can easily divert water away will save you a lot of stress. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to find the contact information from an asphalt repair company if you are dealing with standing water on your pavement. These professionals can make the needed changes to your parking lot to help you avoid this problem.

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