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5 Tips for Parking Lot Drainage Solutions in Florida

Understanding parking lot drainage solutions is critical in maintaining your asphalt pavement.

 Drainage problems in your parking lot can create a variety of issues. Installing parking lot drainage solutions is essential in maximizing the lifespan of your parking lot while also saving you money. Contacting a company offering parking lot maintenance is always a great option if you are dealing with parking lot drainage problems. These professionals can develop an effective drain system to ensure your parking lot will last in the long-term.

Here are a few of the main tips to consider for parking lot drainage solutions.

1) Slope of the Parking Lot

The slope of your parking lot plays a key role in your parking lot drainage system. It’s important to ensure your parking lot slopes just enough to divert water away from your pavement. On the other hand, standing water can cause significant damages and significantly decrease the lifespan of your parking lot.

2) Drains and Inlets

Another key aspect of using parking lot drainage solutions is to strategically place drains and inlets in different areas of your asphalt parking lot. These drains and inlets reduce the amount of standing water in your parking lot by making it possible for water to run off the asphalt surface.

3) Asphalt Curbing

Choosing to install asphalt curbing is another effective way to direct water away from your parking lot and prevent significant damages. You can use asphalt curbing to direct water into an inlet or even a grassy area. Water will flow along the curb line and reach the proper drainage area.

4) Limit Heavy Vehicles

Damages to your parking lot can happen due to heavy vehicles or machinery. Over time, all of this additional weight can depress the surface area of your parking lot. These depressions make it easy for water to collect in these areas without properly draining.

5) Schedule Regular Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Scheduling routine maintenance is essential in keeping your parking lot in great shape and avoiding water damage. Checking out your storm drain for any signs of clogged debris is important if you notice water standing in your parking lot.

Sweeping debris away from your parking lot is also important in making it easy for water to easily drain without any obstructions. Sealcoating your parking lot every two to three years also provides protection against water damage.

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