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Is Your Parking Lot Drainage System Prepared for a Major Storm?

Learn a few tips on how to make sure your parking lot drainage system is prepared for a major storm.

Dealing with hurricanes and tropical storms is a reality for anyone living in Florida. Unfortunately, all of this excess water can cause major damage to an asphalt parking lot. Investing in a parking lot drainage system is essential to keep damage to a minimum while also saving you a lot of stress. An experienced asphalt paving company can work with your business in designing a drainage system.

Here are some tips to remember on how to determine if your parking lot drainage system is ready for a major storm.

Inspect Your Parking Lot

The first step in limiting water damage is to inspect your asphalt pavement. For example, finding any standing water in your parking lot after a storm is always a major red flag. You most likely have a big drainage problem if you notice a large amount of standing water in different parts of your parking lot.

All of this excess water will eventually damage the paved surface and result in cracks or potholes. An asphalt paving contractor can work with your team to identify the root cause of the drainage issues while determining the best solution.

Check Out Your Drain System

Storm water can also cause debris to clog drainage systems over time. All of this excess water flow can lead to the build-up of different types of debris, and it can even damage the catch basin. An asphalt contractor can inspect your drain inlets to ensure everything is working properly.

These professionals can also clean out your storm drain to prevent flooding in your parking lot. Periodically checking your storm sewers is important in making sure your parking lot drainage system is working effectively.

Schedule Repairs for Your Parking Lot

Excess water can cause extensive damage to any parking lot. Finding the right drainage solutions is critical in keeping damage to a minimum. Reaching out to an asphalt contractor for repair work is key to preventing asphalt damage from getting much worse over time. Scheduling repair work will boost the visual appeal of your property while also creating a much safer environment for your visitors.

Sealcoating your parking lot at least every three to five years is another way to limit damage. Sealcoating helps to provide an extra layer of protection against oil and water. It can also help repel rain on new asphalt, which extends the lifespan of the asphalt surface.

Additional Risks of Excess Water

Standing water throughout your parking lot isn’t only a major issue for your pavement, but it also creates liability risks. All of this excess water increases the risk of a vehicle hydroplaning, and the slick pavement can even cause tripping hazards.

Potholes are also much more likely, as they can damage vehicles or even lead to accidents. Dealing with costly lawsuits is the last thing anyone wants to deal with, which is why it’s so important to make repairs on your drainage system to help divert and repel water from the pavement.

What Causes Standing Water in a Parking Lot?

Noticing large amounts of water in your parking lot is never a good sign. Standing water on a newly laid parking lot is especially troubling, as the paving contractors most likely did not excavate enough of the ground materials underneath the pavement before beginning the installation process.

On the other hand, the ground underneath the pavement may have eroded over time if your parking lot is older, which can result in depressions. Working with an experienced contractor is key to determining the root cause of your parking lot drainage problems.

How to Solve Drainage Issues?

The best way to solve any drainage problems is to slope the pavement in the same direction to ensure the water always drains to the same area. This is often a large-scale project that requires ground excavation and the installation of new pavement. However, it’s also possible to level up lower areas with asphalt to prevent standing water. An asphalt paving contractor will inspect your entire parking lot to determine the best course of action.

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