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Parking Lot Improvements: How to Improve Your Parking Lot

Parking lot improvements to enhance your parking lot’s functionality and appearance.

Now that winter is finally coming to a close, it is time to embrace spring and look forward to the eventual transition to another beautiful summer in Tampa Bay. Facility owners and professionals are consistently challenged with maintaining the integrity and safety of their property. The next couple of weeks are an opportunity to transition your parking lot for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Here is a look at essential parking lot improvements for the upcoming warm months.

Scan Your Parking Lot

Do a visual inspection of your parking lot during the off-hours to get a good look at the surface. If you spot any cracks or potholes that have formed or expanded throughout the winter, it is cause for concern. Cracks measuring between a quarter inch and a full inch in width should be sealed. If you notice any scattered debris, grime, or other items on your parking lot, they should be cleaned and removed. This initial scan will also clue you into whether asphalt repair in Tampa will be necessary.

Parking Lot Improvements for the Summer: Mind the Storm Drains

Pinpoint the exact locations of the storm drains on your parking lot. If you notice any deterioration or sinking, it is a sign there is an underlying issue below the surface. Do not attempt to repair this problem on your own. Parking lot improvements of this sort will require the assistance of a professional parking lot repair and maintenance team. Aside from analyzing the storm drains and sites of deterioration, it will also help to pinpoint areas in which water accumulates during storms. Such puddling water is a clear sign your there is improper drainage and parking lot repair will eventually be necessary.

Consider Whether It is Time to Sealcoat Your Lot

If your parking lot’s sealcoat and markings have started to fade, it might be time for a new sealcoating and parking lot striping. In general, parking lot improvements of this type are performed every couple of years. If your Tampa Bay parking lot has not been sealcoated in three years, schedule sealcoating services sooner rather than later.

Ask for Help From the Proven Tampa Parking Lot Professionals

There is a good chance you will notice at least one or two flaws when examining your parking lot after the winter. This is the perfect time to get your parking lot in optimal shape for the year ahead. PLS is here to help with all of your parking lot improvements. Speak with one of our parking lot aficionados about your property and we will ensure your parking lot is in pristine shape for the upcoming summer.

Contact PLS for Parking Lot Improvements

This is the perfect time for parking lot improvements at your Tampa business. Give us a call at (813) 880-9100 to learn more about our asphalt paving and parking lot improvement services.