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Follow These Five Factors For Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa

Follow these tips for effective parking lot maintenance in Tampa.

Business owners are faced with the challenge of keeping their Tampa parking lot looking good to please customers, business partners, and others. Focus on parking lot maintenance and your property will reach its aesthetic and functional potential, stimulate business, and ultimately make a meaningful impact on your company’s bottom line. Let’s take a look at a few tips for parking lot maintenance in Tampa.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa Starts With an Inspection

The worst thing you can do is neglect your parking lot. Too many Tampa Bay business owners and managers make the mistake of assuming their parking lot will prove functional simply because it’s comprised of a sturdy material and is out of sight for the majority of the workday.

Parking lots are subjected to all sorts of pressure from regular traffic to heavy delivery trucks, the sun’s powerful rays, pounding rain, and beyond. If the surface is cracked or faded there is the chance a customer can become injured and sue for personal injury.

So do not assume the issues with your parking lot are nothing to worry about. It’s best to repair these flaws right away with parking lot maintenance for liability reasons. Furthermore, performing timely repairs is almost always cheaper than delayed repairs performed after extensive deterioration occurs.

The Importance of a Thorough and Regular Clean

Parking lot maintenance in Tampa is not all about repairs. The regular cleaning of parking lot surfaces will prevent a considerable amount of damage. Every Tampa parking lot should be cleaned of scattered debris like leaves, garbage, and other wayward sundries. Use this opportunity to clean spilled oil or fuel as well. If not addressed within a reasonable amount of time, such spills and drips will gradually deteriorate your parking lot surface. Aside from breaking down your parking lot’s surface, oil will also leave an ugly stain and weaken the lot.

Sealcoating is an Essential Component of Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa

It’s advisable to apply a fresh sealcoat to your parking lot every couple years. This application assists in preventing the gradual breakdown of the lot’s surface and material below. Sealcoating has the potential to add several years to your lot’s lifespan. The frequency of the sealcoat application hinges on the level of wear and tear the parking lot is subjected to. This protective layer stops moisture, debris, and additional nasty elements from damaging the pavement.

Drainage Issues Must be Addressed Right Away

Drainage problems are a direct threat to the integrity of your Tampa Bay parking lot. If proper drainage is not in place, the lot will not be able to withstand rain and other sources of moisture.

Consider a Parking Lot Redesign

The passage of vehicles across the same sections of your pavement will eventually result in considerable wear. Alter the stripes as well as the parking arrangement to minimize the damage. This strategy will even free up additional room to make your lot feel more spacious.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa is a Phone Call Away

PLS is here for everything you could possibly need relating to parking lot maintenance in Tampa. Give us a call to coordinate a review of your parking lot’s condition and learn more about our parking lot maintenance services. You can reach PLS at (813) 880-9100.