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4 Tampa Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Follow these helpful Tampa parking lot maintenance tips to keep your parking lot in excellent shape.

Today’s parking lots are certainly strong and durable. Maybe your parking lot has served you well in the years following installation. However, every type of parking lot will eventually break down in due time. Whether it is pooling water, cracks, potholes, faded striping, or other issues, parking lots eventually require maintenance, repair, and replacement. Let’s take a look at a few parking lot maintenance tips that will keep your Tampa Bay lot in optimal condition.

1. Every Tampa Bay Parking Lot Should be Sealcoated

A parking lot sealcoating will keep your lot in tip-top shape as the months and years pass. Sealcoatings guard your lot against the sun’s rays, water moving, fading, and other threats. If looks are your concern, a sealcoating is essential for your parking lot. Have your lot sealcoated and it will have a new shade that proves visually captivating to customers and others who visit your Tampa business. Perhaps most important is the fact that sealing protects the sub-base from the pressure of vehicles above.

2. Minimize Traffic

Once your new parking lot is installed or extensively repaired, it is prudent to keep traffic off of it for a couple of days. In general, a brand new Tampa Bay parking lot should not be crossed by a vehicle for three full days. The bottom line is concrete requires a psi of 3,000 compressive strength in order to tolerate a load from above without enduring damage.

3. Get rid of Stains and Remedy Those Cracks

Stains should be removed from your Tampa Bay parking lot on annual basis. Stain removal enhances the look of your lot as well as the perception of your Tampa business. The appearance of your parking lot is essential to attracting and retaining clients. Furthermore, cracks and potholes are also a major problem for Tampa parking lots. These parking lot flaws are unsightly and dangerous. Let our parking lot repair experts tend to your potholes, cracks, and other problems to enhance your lot’s lifespan and reduce your costs.

4. Mind the Drainage and Sites of Pooling Water

If your Tampa Bay parking lot does not drain properly, water will pool and eventually move on below the surface. Water that breaches the parking lot’s surface will cause cracking, potholes, and other problems with the surface above. Our parking lot experts can enhance your lot’s drainage and rectify problems beneath the surface of the parking lot.

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