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How Parking Lot Maintenance Will Increase Your Lot’s Useful Years

You have the power to prolong the serviceability of your Tampa Bay parking lot.

Every business owner is looking for a way to extend the useful life of their Tampa Bay parking lot. The question is how to get the most out of your parking lot. The answer is clear: regular maintenance and prompt repairs performed by true parking lot professionals. Parking lot maintenance is regularly scheduled improvements that prevent deterioration and/or additional damage with the ultimate aim of prolonging the lot’s useful life.

Examples of parking lot maintenance in Tampa include sealcoating, striping, and crack filling. Regular parking lot maintenance in Tampa prevents your lot from reaching a state of disrepair that spurs a massive repair effort or a full replacement. Follow the tips outlined below and you will rest easy knowing you did everything possible to preserve the condition and appearance of your parking lot.

Correct Drainage Problems Right Away

Pooled water has the potential to wreak havoc on your parking lot. Such water can lead to a costly repair if it is not addressed in a timely manner. The water will gradually move on to the asphalt, impact the base, form cracks, and even create those incredibly annoying potholes. Your lot requires ample drainage in order to handle Tampa’s rainstorms. Do not hesitate to check the condition of your lot following a storm.

Mind the Load Placed on Your Parking Lot

Those massive commercial trucks have the potential to inflict significant damage on parking lots. It is prudent to position dumpsters and loading docks by areas that do not force heavy vehicles to cross the entirety of the lot. Ideally, such massive trucks will not even park on the lot. Do not lose sight of the fact that the average Tampa parking lot is meant for use by everyday vehicles like SUVs, sedans, coupes etc.

Fill Those Cracks Right Away

Crack sealing is essential to extending the lifespan of every parking lot. Do not assume those minor cracks will remain the same size in the months and years to come. Diminutive cracks will expand and permit additional water to compromise the lot’s base, spurring even more damage and costly repairs. The appearance of those tiny cracks is certainly normal yet they must be tended to by a Tampa parking lot repair team as soon as possible.

Clean Your Parking Lot Regularly

A regular cleaning of your parking lot will enhance its appearance, yet this is not the only reason to perform a regular cleaning. A frequent lot cleaning will also guard against potential damage from the random items that find their way onto the lot. These cleanings also give your team the opportunity to spot cracks, potholes, and drainage issues. Aside from sweeping, it will also help to pressure wash the lot to create a clean and smooth surface.

Sealcoat Your Asphalt Parking Lot Every Couple Years

Sealcoating is an essential component of parking lot maintenance in Tampa. Have your lot sealcoated and the asphalt will be protected from the rain, sun, oil/gas drips, and more. A sealcoating also enhances the visual appeal of your parking lot as well. Once your parking lot is sealcoated, it will look similar to how it did when first installed.

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