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4 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Resurfacing

A few signs your parking lot is in need of resurfacing.

Asphalt pavement is a highly durable material that’s perfect for parking lots. The lifespan of an asphalt parking lot can usually range anywhere from 10-20 years with proper maintenance and care. Understanding how to recognize the signs of damages can help you determine the best time to schedule parking lot resurfacing. Hiring a company specializing in asphalt resurfacing services is always recommended to ensure the job is done right.

Here are a few of the most common signs your parking lot needs resurfacing.

1) Cracks and Crumbling Edges

One of the first signs of damage to asphalt surfaces is cracks. These cracks can appear small before getting much larger over time. Staying proactive by scheduling asphalt repair as soon as you notice these cracks is key to preventing these damages from getting much worse.

You may also notice crumbling edges, as this often happens due to age and a lack of support near the end of a parking lot. Eventually, you will need to schedule parking lot resurfacing once these damages get too severe to fix.

2) Potholes

Dealing with potholes in parking lots is never a fun experience for owners or drivers. Potholes make it difficult for your customers to drive across your parking lot, as they can even cause severe damage to a vehicle.

Potholes often form due to water seeping into the surface of the pavement, which eventually undermines the subbase and causes it to collapse. Scheduling parking lot sealcoating services every couple of years is one way to limit the number of potholes on your pavement. However, parking lot resurfacing will eventually be required after an extended period of time due to the excessive amount of wear and tear.

3) Faded Parking Lot Striping

Another common sign of needing parking lot resurfacing is if you notice faded lines on your pavement. Parking lot striping will eventually fade over time, whether it’s due to age or UV rays. It’s important to restripe your pavement to make it easy for visitors to navigate through your parking lot.

It’s also a good idea to further inspect your parking lot if the striping is beginning to look worn down, as it may be a sign of other issues. Reaching out to a paving contractor can help you understand if you need resurfacing or simple parking lot maintenance.

4) Uneven Surfaces

Parking lots can eventually get uneven over time due to heavy vehicles constantly driving over your pavement. The layer of asphalt can also shift because of standing water, which can lead to long-term damage to your pavement. Getting a professional specializing in commercial paving to inspect your parking lot is key to understanding the severity of the damages. You may need just a few minor repairs, or resurfacing may be required if the damage is too extensive.

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