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Parking Lot Safety Tips: Why Fresh Parking Lot Painting is Necessary

Applying a brand-new coat of parking lot paint is a necessity for businesses following lot safety guidelines.

Parking lot painting plays a key role in keeping pedestrians and drivers safe in your parking lot. However, parking lot striping is often overlooked despite its importance in increasing safety and directing traffic in parking lots. Working with a company specializing in parking lot painting is a great way to improve safety while also making it easy to navigate across your parking lot.

Professionals will paint your lot with a striping machine to ensure it stays in compliance with the latest safety regulations. A fresh coat of paint makes it much easier to see parking spaces while also increasing safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Here are a few of the top reasons why it’s essential to follow safety tips and guidelines.

Reduce the Chance of Accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians or other drivers can happen at any time in your parking lot. Staying proactive is critical to improving safety and reducing the chance of an accident. Giving your pavement a fresh coat of paint every 18 to 24 months is a great way to further boost the curb appeal of your business while also making it easier for customers to use parking stalls. These professionals will use numerous coats of paint to improve traffic flow for rear or secluded exits, handicap spaces, and fire lanes.

Follow Safety Regulations

Parking lines need to be clearly visible to avoid accidents or compliance violations that result in lawsuits against your business. Water-based paint is commonly used for restriping a lot, and it’s more eco-friendly compared to solvent-based paint. Keeping up with the most recent tips from the National Safety Council (NSC) is also important in reducing blind spots and creating lit areas to avoid accidents. Following these safety tips creates a safer environment for everyone, whether it’s your employees, customers, or a parking attendant.

Improve Customer Service

An often-overlooked benefit of following safety tips is that it helps to improve customer service for your business. A freshly coated parking lot makes it easier for clients to find a parking spot due to the line stripe being clearly visible.

Lot striping allows a customer to walk to a safe area without having to spend extra time trying to distinguish between faded lines or symbols. Ultimately, a well-defined parking spot makes your entire business safer, and it is a critical aspect for following safety tips.

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Parking Lot Services (PLS) is a full-service company based in the Tampa area that works with a variety of businesses. We understand the importance of applying fresh line paints for improving parking lot safety. Our company also offers additional services, such as asphalt repairs, ADA compliance for handicapped parking, concrete curbing, sealcoating services, and much more. Our goal is to always provide the best services while improving parking lot safety for your business.

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