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Parking Lot Sealing: How Often Should Parking Lots Be Sealed?

Understanding the different factors that determine how often you will need to seal your parking lot.

Choosing to apply a protective coating of parking lot sealing is essential to maintenance. These professional sealcoating services will help to protect your parking lot from UV rays and the outside elements. Partnering with a company offering parking lot maintenance is always a worthwhile investment in helping you to boost the lifespan of your parking lot and increasing its visual appeal.

It’s often recommended to schedule parking lot sealing services every three years, but this time frame can vary due to numerous reasons. Sometimes you may need to schedule these services earlier than expected. Keeping a few things in mind can help you understand the best time to sealcoat your asphalt pavement.

Here is an overview of the most common factors impacting how often you will need to sealcoat your parking lot.

Application Process

The quality of the pavement sealer plays an important role in providing long-lasting protection for your parking lot. For example, a watered-down sealer will compromise its durability due to the thin coats of sealer. Partnering with a reputable asphalt sealcoating company is the safest option to ensure you receive quality work that will last for a very long time.

Number of Coats Used

Another key factor impacting the lifespan of sealcoating is the number of coats applied to your parking lot. Generally, it’s recommended to apply two coats of sealer for the best results. The first coat of asphalt sealer will need to completely dry before applying a second coat on the parking lot. The last coat will need to dry and cure for 24 hours before opening your parking lot to traffic.

Amount of Traffic

A high-traffic parking lot also impacts the longevity of asphalt sealcoating services. A large amount of daily traffic will cause the sealer to wear out more quickly. Excess traffic also increases the chance of asphalt cracking and other issues. Applying a third coat of sealer is often recommended in keeping your parking lot well-protected while also increasing the amount of time between sealing services.


Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan of your sealcoating while also boosting the curb appeal of your property. Parking lot maintenance includes a variety of tasks, such as sweeping debris, cleaning oil spills, and making sure you don’t have any standing water on your pavement. Scheduling parking lot inspections each year is important in getting cracks and potholes repaired before they get worse over time and result in more damages.

Age of Parking Lot

A freshly installed hot mix asphalt parking lot doesn’t need sealcoating services for a minimum of six months or longer. Many times, you can wait up to a full year before sealcoating a new parking lot. Waiting this amount of time is important to allow the asphalt to harden. On the other hand, sealing a parking lot too soon can result in it being more susceptible to tire marks and cracking.

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