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Your Parking Lot Needs to Be Pressure Washed

Tampa parking lots of all types require a pressure washing at regular intervals to stay clean, presentable, and inviting.

Parking lots gather all sorts of debris and garbage in time. These substances combined with precipitation, pressure from vehicles, and the aging process reduce the appearance and quality of your Tampa parking lot with each passing day. The solution is professional pressure washing.

Tampa Parking Lot Services: The Power of Pressure Washing

A full pressure washing should be performed at least once per year for Tampa parking lots of all types. Such a washing keeps lots clean by eliminating debris. Pressure washing also improves the lot’s aesthetic. Once your parking lot is pressure washed, guests will feel that much more welcome.

Pressure washing will clear away all debris in your parking lot and will also enhance its safety. A parking lot that is laden with debris and other junk will prove that much more dangerous to customers, especially those opportunists looking to serve you with a lawsuit for an alleged injury suffered on a supposedly unsafe lot. A pressure washing even eliminates those undesired oils and other contaminants that gradually abrade asphalt.

Consider the Threats to Your Parking Lot

From heavy vehicles to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, rainstorms, oil/gas spills, and more, Tampa parking lots are undoubtedly exposed to their fair share of threats. Furthermore, high volumes of traffic will wear down the lot over time.

Tampa Parking Lot Services Should Include Pressure Washing

The initial step in revitalizing your parking lot is a comprehensive cleaning. Once this cleaning is performed, you will be able to gauge your parking lot and see if it requires further maintenance.

The optimal approach to parking lot cleaning starts off with a removal of debris. The surface is pressure washed to eliminate any debris and dirt. Performing a thorough clean of the parking lot will also help prevent additional deterioration of the surface.

The actual pressure wash will eliminate oil dirt, grime, and grease and keep it from accumulating on the surface. Let a Tampa parking lot services team handle the pressure wash and you won’t have to worry about your parking lot’s condition.

What is the Proper Frequency of Pressure Washes?

Parking lots should be cleaned of debris, garbage, and any other visible grime each day. Pressure washing should be performed at least once per year. Ideally, you should have your Tampa parking lot pressure washed twice a year. The exact frequency of sweeping, debris removal and pressure washing will be higher or lower based on lot size.

Contact PLS for More Information About Parking Lot Services in Tampa

If your Tampa parking lot has not been pressure washed in the past year, it is overdue for a cleaning. PLS pressure washes Tampa parking lots of all sizes. We also provide an array of additional parking lot services in Tampa from maintenance to repair and installation. Call us at (813) 880-9100 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our parking lot services in Tampa.