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Florida Parking Lot Striping Regulations Business Owners Need to Know

Learn how your business can always stay in compliance with parking lot striping regulations in Florida.

Meeting parking lot striping regulations in Florida is a necessity for business owners. Failure to follow these rules can result in significant fines and damage the reputation of your company. Partnering with an asphalt parking lot company that understands how to stay in compliance with these regulations is key in saving you money and stress. These professionals will ensure every inch of your parking facilities and parking garages follows these detailed requirements for accessibility.

Here is an overview of the different parking lot striping regulations your Florida business needs to follow.

Handicap-Accessible Stalls

The number of handicap-accessible spaces required for your parking lot is based on the amount of parking spaces available. For example, at least one out of six of the parking spaces need to be specifically designed for van-accessible parking.

However, this number increases by 10% for medical facilities, while rehab centers and clinics are required to have 20% more van-accessible parking spaces compared to a regular business. Hiring a parking lot striping company that understands these requirements is essential to meeting these standards for accessible design.

Signage for Parking Lots

Every accessible parking space needs to be clearly labeled with the International Symbol of Accessibility that’s displayed on a pole. This symbol shows an individual in a wheelchair with a blue background. Each one of these signs needs to be at least five feet off the ground to ensure they are easily viewable, even if a vehicle is parked in front of the sign.

It’s important for the post to be located at the top of the parking space without obstructing vehicles from accessing the stall. Corresponding text underneath the handicap-access symbol is also required.

Location of Parking Spaces

Handicap-accessible parking spaces need to always be the closest to the entrance of a building to meet the guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act. These accessible entrances make it much easier for a handicapped driver or passenger to access your business. Any barriers that can obstruct an accessible route need to be either relocated or removed to meet these guidelines.

Parking Lot Striping Regulations

The minimum requirement for accessible parking spaces needs to be at least 96 inches or eight feet wide to meet regulations. The adjacent access aisle needs to be 60 inches or five feet while leading to the access ramp. You can put the access aisle on either side, but it needs to be on the passenger side for angled van parking spaces. Ultimately, this aisle is designed to make it easy for individuals to quickly deploy wheelchairs, lifts, or walkers.

Additionally, van-accessible areas need to be 132 inches wide while running the entire length of the parking space. Typically, blue and white paint are the most common colors used for these spaces and access aisles. However, yellow, red, and green can also be used on the asphalt pavement.

The main goal is to make these pavement markings stand out. Space access aisles also need to be painted with diagonal hatch marks to discourage parking for those who shouldn’t park in these spaces.

Maintenance Tips for Parking Lots

Keeping your parking lot well-maintained is key to meeting ADA standards for accessible parking in Florida. Removing debris is essential in reducing trip hazards while also making it easier to navigate across a parking lot. Repairing cracks and potholes in a timely fashion is also important for creating a safe environment. Sealcoating your pavement every few years can help extend its lifespan while keeping it in great condition for a much longer time.

What are the Fines for Not Meeting These Requirements?

The cost of not following parking lot striping regulations can quickly get expensive for businesses. Failure to meet space access rules or not provide enough vertical clearance can result in fines ranging anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 or even higher. Working with a parking lot striping company that understands these rules is critical in meeting all of these different regulations.

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