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Damage Caused by Pavement Drainage Issues

Common Pavement Drainage Issues

Many people know that standing water can cause significant damage to your asphalt pavement. However, underground water issues can also create many problems and is more difficult to catch. Cracks in asphalt pavement allow water to seep through the surface, as it can cause long-term damage and significant repair costs. Reaching out to a company that offers asphalt repair in Tampa, FL is a good idea if you believe that your parking lot has drainage issues.

Here are a few examples of the most common problems caused by drainage issues within a parking lot:

#1 Maintenance Problems

Sealers are unlikely to be effective if you have asphalt that is always wet due to underground seepage. The sealant is unable to adhere to the asphalt pavement, which makes it almost impossible to perform routine parking lot maintenance. Scheduling an asphalt assessment is a good idea to find out the best way to repair these pavement drainage problems before it causes additional issues.

#2 Increase Liability

Drainage issues in asphalt pavement create a slipping hazard for both your employees and customers. Ultimately, this increases the chance of a lawsuit while also creating an unsafe environment for anyone that visits your business. Contacting a company that specializes in parking lot repair services in Tampa is essential in taking care of these drainage problems.

#3 Long-Term Damage

Your business parking lot can also experience long-term damage due to water drainage issues. Failure to take care of these problems can cause large cracks and potholes to appear. These problems will only continue to get worse over time and pose significant safety concerns. Choosing to be proactive and fixing these pavement drainage issues is essential in avoiding long-term damage.

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