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Why Business Owners Need a Pavement Management System for Their Parking Lot

What is a pavement management system and how can implementing one improve your parking lot?

Your parking lot is prone to damage, rendering it unsafe and aesthetically unappealing to anyone using it. As such, you need to have a proactive pavement maintenance approach to preserve the property value and the safety of those using your premises. The process, however, is not simple but can be achieved by putting in place a pavement management system.

What is the Pavement Management System?

Also known as PMP, the pavement management system combines several asphalt repair services on a long-term basis based on the available budget. It handles the pavement repair planning and maintenance process intending to improve the condition of your asphalt paving. Your contractor uses PMP to blend the life cycle costs of your asphalt parking lot with a systematic repair and maintenance approach. The approach has several benefits which include:

  1. Improving the overall quality of your parking lot pavement management system projects the repair needs and budget expenditure of your parking lot long before the damage occurs. By doing so, your parking lot contractor can handle any damage promptly before it escalates, hence improving the overall quality of your asphalt paving.
  2. Determining the right asphalt repair and maintenance program– PMP helps determine the level of your pavement deterioration and the possible causes of the damage. It also suggests the proper repair and maintenance based on the age of your parking lot.
  3. Keeping track of the pavement’s condition- by implementing a pavement management system, you can keep track of the status of your asphalt paving. For instance, it allows you to determine whether the pavement is in excellent, fair, or imperfect condition. You can also rate the status of your parking lot based on traffic volume and frequency.
  4. Scheduling parking lot maintenance- one way to keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition is by having a proper maintenance schedule in place. By using a pavement management strategy, you’re able to prioritize preventive maintenance and plan reconstruction as your budget allows.

In the long run, using the pavement management system improves the overall condition of your parking lot and prolongs its lifespan without drying your pockets.

What Does Pavement Management System Entail

An asphalt pavement deteriorates at an increasing rate, creating the need to have a pavement management strategy in place. The management strategy involves various asphalt repair services which include:

  • Pavement inspection- this means taking a physical inventory in your parking lot while giving keen attention to areas with heavy vehicular and foot traffic and other areas prone to damage. The inspection aims at noting any signs of damage on your pavement and coming up with a clear map of all areas that need repair.
  • Professional consultation- this phase requires involving a professional contractor to help you in identifying the condition of each part of your pavement and recommending the type of repair needed. A contractor enables you to determine the cost implications of each repair and analyze them from the most to the least expensive. The analysis is regardless of the severity of the damage.
  • Evaluation of rehabilitation strategies- the pavement management system equips you with enough data to design the right rehabilitation strategies for your asphalt paving. It also helps you predict the future condition of your parking lot and how much it will cost to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Understanding the cause of failure- by using a pavement management system, you’re able to determine the risk factors of your parking lot damage.

Work with Professional Parking Lot Contractors for Your Parking Lot Management

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