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Why Petromat Installation is Important in Tampa, Florida

Petromat Installation is the Solution to Your Pavement Woes

Plenty of Tampa Bay property owners are unaware of the fact that their pavement gradually deteriorates due to moisture exposure. This weakening induced by water has the potential to cause significant damage to your Tampa Bay property. It can wreak havoc on the surface your clients see as well as space below. In many instances, the presence of excessive moisture below the surface of your pavement will spur the formation of cracks. Do not panic if you see cracks along the surface of your pavement. Reach out to our team of asphalt paving experts to rectify the problem with a petromat overlay.

Crack Causes

An inferior base atop a subgrade that is especially sensitive to moisture can spur shrinkage and swelling within the subgrade. This reflects to the base material and moves up to the asphalt, spurring the formation of visible cracks along the surface. The movement of moisture through these cracks as well as dried out portions of the asphalt hastens the damage. There is also the possibility that the current aggregate base and pavement portion lack the girth necessary to endure heavy traffic.

How a Petromat Overlay Helps

Let our team apply a petromat overlay to your compromised pavement to slow the rate at which surface water seeps down below. This reduction in moisture will preserve the integrity of your pavement across posterity. Petromat is a formidable barrier between each portion of the pavement. This is the protection your Tampa property needs to stay in tip-top shape in the months and years to come.

Petromat systems are made with a unique asphalt coating of cement combined with a polypropylene fabric. This unique design forms pavement in between each segment of the pavement. It is the barrier your Tampa property needs to avoid excessive water exposure. The resulting reduction in water exposure and ensuing stress will stop the formation of those ugly cracks.

Pavement Failure is not an Option

Too many Tampa business owners are willing to let their pavement deteriorate without putting up a fight. If your Tampa property endures cracking of any sort, you should take action. The solution is a petromat overlay installation performed by our pavement aficionados. It doesn’t matter if the cracking is linear or alligatored in appearance. Every type of cracking is a sign of trouble. Furthermore, cracking isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. Your customers associate the appearance of your parking lot with the merit of your business. If you let the condition of your parking lot slide, your organization will be perceived as careless and cheap.

Petromat Overlay Provides the Protection and Beauty Every Tampa Bay Property Needs and Deserves

You will rest easy after our team installs a petromat overlay, knowing your surface that was once riddled with cracks is now bonded to perfection. A petromat overlay installation provides a dense, smooth and symmetrically textured space you can be proud of. It provides a meaningful aesthetic boost that will undoubtedly win favor with your clients as well as those who visit to peruse your offerings.

Don’t worry about the installation process. Our team will secure the premises with the use of barricades, cones and other materials. We do everything possible to minimize the disruption caused to your clients and employees while performing the installation. This is the professional approach to pavement maintenance every Tampa Bay business deserves.