Parking Lot Services of Florida - Petromat Installation

PLS Petromat Installation Service

Did you know that your parking lot’s pavement weakens when exposed to moisture? Water exposure can harm your lot’s surface as well as the layers below. Such moisture damage typically manifests in the form of a crack. If you spot a crack on your pavement’s surface, don’t fret! Help is available from Tampa Bay’s leading asphalt pavement experts, PLS. We can apply a petromat overlay that decreases the infiltration of surface water. Our petromat overlay functions by placing a barrier of water between each individual layer of your property’s pavement.

Petromat systems are designed with a special polypropylene fabric and asphalt cement coat. This system actually creates a pavement / roadway space in between each layer of pavement. Such a barrier prevents water exposure and stress that often causes the creation of those unsightly cracks. Let our team perform a petromat overlay installation and you will be impressed with the durability of your new asphalt concrete pavement. This installation will even lengthen your pavement’s lifespan to boot.

How our Asphalt Petromat Installation is Performed

The asphalt petromat installation starts with a thorough cleaning of debris, dirt, water and all other unsavory particles from the fabric. A liquid is then applied to the asphalt binder. Fabric is installed to create a couple of inches worth of overlap and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

PLS has all the latest high-tech machinery and technologies required to perform an efficient asphalt petromat installation. Our self-propelled paver performs this installation with a single lift. We then taper the edges of the connecting surface. Our team also tapers or lifts every single drain, utility cover, monument or manhole cover to the current grade. We have all the manpower and equipment necessary to produce the required compaction of 93%.

When the job is done, you will find that the surface is perfectly bonded, symmetrically textured, smooth and quite dense. Furthermore, it will have the type of curb appeal your organization needs to impress customers and prospective business partners. Business owners across the greater Tampa By area will be happy to know that PLS provides all the cones, barricades and other supplies necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.