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What Kind of Damage Can Potholes Cause to Vehicles?

Learn more about pothole damage to vehicles.

Driving over potholes in a parking lot is never a fun experience. Pothole damage to a car can be quite extensive due to the different ways it can impact a vehicle. Trying to avoid these potholes can also be a challenge in a poorly maintained asphalt parking lot.

Hiring an asphalt paving company for pothole repair is essential in taking care of these issues now before they get worse. Repairing these potholes creates a safer environment for everyone while reducing liability risks.

Here is an overview of how potholes can damage vehicles:

Flat Tires

One of the many dangers of a pothole is that it can cause low tire pressure or even a flat tire. The inner liner within the tire can also be damaged by hitting a pothole. This type of tire damage can often result in a bulge, which greatly increases the risk of a tire blowout. Staying proactive by repairing potholes as soon as possible is key to avoiding any damage to vehicles.

Bent Wheel Rims

Most wheel rims consist of aluminum, which makes them prone to experiencing bends or cracks from driving over potholes. Unfortunately, a bent wheel rim can impact tire pressure while also causing problems with your steering system. You might notice your vehicle tends to pull to one side, which can be distracting for anyone trying to drive.

Vehicle Suspension Issues

Damage to your vehicle is easy to see if you are dealing with a flat tire or a bent rim. However, damage to your vehicle suspension due to hitting a pothole is much less obvious. One common sign of suspension problems includes the inability to keep your vehicle steady. You may notice your vehicle won’t roll smoothly, as it will tend to bounce or slide while navigating corners or if you begin to accelerate.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

A steering wheel can begin to vibrate after you run over the edge of a pothole. Other problems may include issues with the wheel alignment or shock absorbers if the car pulls to one side while one is driving. These problems with shocks or struts often tend to get worse over time, and they can be expensive to repair.

Fluid Leaks

A pothole can even cause a dent in your oil pan or other parts of your car, which can cause fluid leaks. These leaks can lead to a wide range of problems, which is why it’s essential to get your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Taking a proactive approach to repairing potholes in asphalt pavement is key to avoiding these issues.

Strange Noises

Most people don’t expect a pothole to cause odd sounds from their vehicle. However, pothole damage to a car can often result in strange exhaust sounds. Different parts of the exhaust system may begin to break or bend due to the impact of a pothole. Over time, this can cause a wide range of problems for a vehicle, and it creates a major liability risk for business owners.

How to Keep Pothole Damage to Vehicles to a Minimum

Potholes often form on a paved surface due to water damage. These potholes can cause major damage to any vehicle, which is why it’s essential to try to avoid running over them in a parking lot. Scheduling pothole repairs is especially important in limiting these damages while protecting you from costly lawsuits. Routinely inspecting a parking lot is also a great way to stay proactive, as you can schedule repairs before these potholes get much bigger over time.

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