Reflective Pavement Marker Installation

Tampa Bay businesses of all types need reflective pavement markers, also known as raised pavement markers. Such devices are typically comprised of ceramic, plastic, or metal. Reflective pavement markers are available in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes. Even if your property has unique dimensions or spacing, there are reflective pavement markers that will prove more than suitable for such an area.

The team at PLS will install reflective pavement markers to your property in a safe and efficient manner. Our team has extensive experience with these pavement markers and will ensure your property is safe and ready for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Why Tampa Business Owners use Pavement Markers

The purpose of adding pavement markers to your Tampa property is for vehicle headlights to reflect off of them. This visibility is made possible with the addition of special sheeting or a lens that creates marker reflection. These markers illuminate pavement markings as well as the parking lot itself. Retroreflective striping is often used in combination with retroreflective pavement markers for clear delineation that guides drivers and pedestrians in an orderly fashion. Such markers are especially important during the nighttime hours and during periods of heavy rain when visibility is limited.

Provide Your Customers With Clear Visibility

Your customers need to be able to see the entirety of your parking lot even if it is pitch black outside. Take a moment to envision a scenario in which a customer pulls into your parking lot after the sun sets amidst a heavy downpour. This customer will find it difficult to see anything. However, if your parking lot features reflective pavement markers placed in a strategic fashion, it will be that much easier for such a driver to see where he is going, park between the lines and avoid contact with other vehicles and people. The addition of pavement markers will also help your business meet ADA compliance requirements.

Let PLS Install Your Pavement Markers

The quality of your property’s pavement markers matters just as much as their placement. Furthermore, the improper installation of these markers will cause headaches down the line. Do not let any Tampa parking lot contractor help you select and install these essential markers. We install reflective markers in a highly strategic manner to dramatically enhance property visibility. Let PLS handle this project and you will rest easy knowing every single visitor to your Tampa business can traverse your property with ease regardless of whether it is raining, foggy, or dark outside.

Contact PLS For Reflective Pavement Marker Installation Today

Our reflective pavement markers will enhance your property’s visibility and safety. If you do not currently have pavement markers or if your current markers are worn or aged, contact PLS today. If you are in need of parking lot repair or asphalt paving, this is the perfect opportunity to add reflective pavement markers to your property. Give us a call at (813) 880-9100 to learn more about pavement markers as well as our other asphalt and concrete services.