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How Professionals Repair Hairline Cracks in Concrete

Learn from professionals on how to repair hairline cracks in concrete.

Hairline cracks can eventually appear in concrete overtime. These cracks often occur due to plastic shrinkage, which is the rapid loss of moisture from newly installed concrete. Fortunately, these cracks shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the concrete, and they are fairly simple to fix. Reaching out to a concrete repair professional in Tampa Bay is always a good idea for taking care of these cracks in a timely manner. These professionals understand how to repair hairline cracks in concrete while also taking additional steps to prevent any future issues.

Here is a simple overview of how to repair hairline cracks in concrete:

Choose the Right Product

One of the first steps in repairing any hairline crack is to choose the right product for the job. Not all crack-filling products are equal, which is why it’s a good idea to do your research before visiting a hardware store. Some of the most popular options include epoxy compounds, mortar mixes, and latex patching materials.

Using an adhesive with low surface tension is also recommended. Reaching out to a professional for concrete repair is often the best choice because they have access to commercial-grade equipment for repairing cracks.

Inspect and Clean the Area

The next stage in determining how to repair hairline cracks in concrete is to inspect and clean the affected area. A professional will often use a hammer and chisel to break up loose concrete. Typically, the concrete is chipped to a depth of around one inch beneath the surface.

Once complete, it’s important to rinse the area and scrub any loose particles with a wire brush to ensure the filler material can bond with the concrete. Spreading a plastic sheet in the area also helps to make the clean-up process easier.

Apply a Sealant

Once the cleaning process is over, it’s time to apply a bonding adhesive before filling the cracks. Using a bonding adhesive makes the crack filler more resistant. A professional can also choose from a variety of masonry crack fillers.

Latex or silicone caulking is often a popular choice for crack filling, but the only downside is that the crack will still be visible once it’s sealed. Epoxies and concrete sealers are other options, but the sealers will eventually wear off over time.

Portland cement grout that’s mixed with water is especially effective at sealing cracks within concrete slabs, but the crack will still be visible. A putty knife will be needed to apply the grout, and there isn’t a lot of room to fill it due to the small size of a hairline crack.

Pressing down on the patch is recommended to eliminate any air pockets. Smoothing the patch to ensure it is level with the concrete is also important. Following these simple tips makes it easier to learn how to repair hairline cracks in concrete.

Allow the Sealant to Cure

Giving a sealant plenty of time to cure is essential to ensuring the crack is repaired correctly. Sealants will cure at different rates, and it’s also dependent on the weather conditions. For example, a sealant will dry much faster if the temperature is warm and there isn’t much humidity.

A few tips to remember include not applying the sealant during the warmest part of the day because this can cause the patch to cure too quickly. Repairing a crack should also be avoided if there is too much wind or a chance of rain in the forecast.

Reach Out to PLS to Repair Hairline Cracks in Concrete

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