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Repair Potholes as Soon as They Are Discovered in Your Parking Lot

Why you should repair potholes in your parking lot as soon as you notice them.

Potholes are a common type of damage in asphalt paving with many property owners overwhelmed by the seriousness of the damage. This type of damage usually occurs when water that penetrates through the small cracks on your pavement expands and contracts, weakening the foundation. If a vehicle passes over the weakened area, the asphalt collapses leading to the formation of potholes.

Failure to repair potholes in time has serious consequences on your pavement including posing safety issues to you and anyone else using the parking lot. The presence of potholes in your parking lot also creates a bad first impression for visitors to your business premises. With that said, repair potholes and perform asphalt patching to realize the benefits discussed below.

Minimizes the Level of Damage

Leaving the potholes unrepaired immediately you discover them makes them escalate as time goes by. Water seeps in through the affected area and weakens the surrounding asphalt. As vehicles pass through the area, the asphalt crumbles further making the pothole expand.

On the contrary, asphalt repair as soon as they happen is simple and cost-effective as all you need is patch up the area. Waiting for too long before you repair potholes will force you to buy extra repair supplies or to do an unprepared resurfacing.

Improves the Overall Safety of Your Parking Lot

The overall safety of the vehicular and foot traffic on your parking lot should be your first priority when you note potholes formation on your asphalt paving. Cracks and potholes on your parking lot can make foot traffic users trip and fall. If such accidents happen, you risk facing lawsuits due to asphalt repair negligence.

Drivers, on the other hand, risk causing damage to their vehicles if the potholes on your asphalt paving go unnoticed. Hitting the potholes can cause flat tires and axel damage.
Whether the damages occur to your company car or that of customers, you’re held liable. Although you may not be asked to pay, the accident can tarnish the name of your business.

Improve the Overall Aesthetic of Your Business

The parking lot is usually the first part of your business that potential customers access when seeking your services. If it’s filled with cracks and potholes, it gives the impression you’re not responsible and don’t care about the safety of your customers. You can improve how prospects view your business by carrying our regular asphalt patching and repair. Also, you should repair potholes to improve your business value and customer traffic.

Repair Potholes to Cut Cost

Pothole development is a sign that there’s is an underlying problem with your parking lot. As mentioned above, it could be a problem with your pavement drainage or with your asphalt paving foundation. Leaving it unpatched makes the pothole erode further making your parking lot prone to accidents.

Repairing the potholes in time minimizes the risk of the problem escalating and becoming more complicated and expensive to repair. It’s also easy to repair a single and small pothole than replace several yards of your asphalt paving affected by escalated potholes. Also, you eliminate the risk of cars driving into potholes and incurring repair costs.

Get Professional Parking Lot Services in Tampa

The best way to repair potholes and enjoy the above benefits is by working with professional asphalt patching and repair services. At Parking Lot Services, we provide top-notch paving services including parking lot striping in Tampa, asphalt paving Tampa, and asphalt repair in Tampa.

We’re ADA standards-compliant and we’ll be happy to assist you with any parking lot needs. If you’re looking for any parking lot services in Tampa, contact us today and speak to one of our professionals.