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Why You Should Repair Faded Asphalt Sealcoating

Has your asphalt sealcoating faded? PLS is here to restore this important asphalt protection.

What to do About Faded Asphalt Sealcoating

Closely examine your parking lot and you might find the sealcoating is fading. The sun’s powerful UV rays eventually heat the oil out of the pavement’s upper layers, leading to a fading of the surface. The surface becomes more and more brittle as time progresses. Tampa Asphalt sealcoating serves as a protective shield that preserves the pavement’s asphalt binder, sealing the asphalt against external threats including fading induced by the sun’s rays.

If your Tampa asphalt sealcoating is fading, it is time for a reapplication of the sealcoating. A newly sealcoated parking lot is rich in hue, looks perfectly clean and proves welcoming to all entering the business. Just as important is the fact that the reapplication of Tampa asphalt sealcoating will enhance the aesthetics of this important portion of your property that makes a powerful first impression on visitors.

A new Layer of Asphalt Sealcoating vs. New Asphalt Paving

A parking lot rife with cracks and potholes, ruts and/or, alligator cracking might benefit more from new asphalt pavement as opposed to a new layer of seal coat. However, if the lot is simply weathered, pothole repairs or crack filling might suffice in addition to a fresh layer of seal coat.

Why It Makes Sense to Repair Faded Tampa Asphalt Sealcoating

Consider how your parking lot looks from the perspective of a first-time customer. If the sealcoating is faded or if the lot is flawed in another manner, customers will likely think less of the business and possibly spend money on competitors’ offerings where there is a more welcoming environment. Even the best parking lots will eventually wear down from traffic, exposure to the sun, the pounding rain, and other forces of nature. Even oil and gas drippings can compromise your parking lot.

Seal coat your asphalt parking lot and it will no longer appear faded. In fact, a sealcoating will double your parking lot’s life as this protective layer shields against Mother Nature’s forces. Once your faded parking lot is repaired and sealcoated, you will have a lovely-looking surface with a beautiful slate black hue that proves easy-to-clean.

PLS has Your Tampa Asphalt Sealcoating Needs Covered

If you are interested in Tampa asphalt sealcoating, reach out to PLS for parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair.

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