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Why You Should Schedule Sports Court Maintenance

Every sports court endures gradual wear and tear. Whether the court is used with regularity or rarely used, it will require consistent maintenance to remain in acceptable condition. Failing to keep up with sports court maintenance can result in the court’s aesthetics, durability, and overall quality. Furthermore, the failure to have maintenance performed can lead to deterioration that poses safety risks for those who use the courts for sporting activities.

Sports Court Maintenance: Where to Start

If you do not perform a visual inspection of your court every couple of months, you will have no idea of its true condition. Take a close look at your court from time to time even if it is not used at a high frequency. If you notice hazards of any sort such as divots, pooling water, screws, or undulations, these are clear indications that maintenance is required. The best course of action is to contact professionals for assistance. Even alterations in the court’s color are a sign the court has aged and requires repairs or maintenance.

Cleaning and Resurfacing

Sports court maintenance is centered on cleaning and resurfacing. Sweeping should be performed to get rid of all the stray items that made their way onto the court. If anything spills on the court, it must be tended to as soon as possible to prevent a lasting stain. Abrasive cleaners should never be used on a game court as they can damage the surface.

Resurfacing should occur every five years. Resurfacing makes it that much easier to remedy cracks and other defects. If the sports or tennis court has especially heavy items placed on it or if it is used with regularity, surface cracking will prove that much likelier. Any sign of surface cracking should spur immediate maintenance. This way, the cracking will be corrected, faded colors will be freshened up, and the surface of the court will look absolutely fantastic.

Contact PLS for Professional Sports Court Maintenance

PLS can restore your sports court to its highest-quality condition. Our team will repair and maintain your sports court, as well as provide other paving services. If you need any sort of sports court maintenance or parking lot services in Tampa or asphalt paving, reach out to PLS today. You can contact our team at (813) 543-6142. We look forward to hearing from you and restoring your sports courts.